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Brown recluse spider

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Brown recluse spider
Brown recluse spider sprite.png


Urist likes brown recluse spiders for their venomous bite.


Brown recluse spider - Brown recluse spider man - Giant brown recluse spider


· Exotic pet · Extract · Hateable · Syndrome · Webs

Pet value 0
Active Seasons
Spring Summer Autumn Winter

Wikipedia article

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A tiny brown bug known for its powerful poison.

Brown recluse spiders are hateable vermin that, on top of giving unhappy thoughts to dwarves who detest them, are very venomous. Brown recluse spider bites cause immediate nausea, fever, and pain, and a short time later result in severe localized necrosis. They are also much faster than your average rat. Thankfully, the spiders don't seek the vicinity of dwarven settlements and even when a dwarf encounters a spider, this will almost never result in a bite.

Brown recluse spiders spin webs which can be collected by weavers for the production of silk. In their native biomes, brown recluse spider silk can be an important resource of the textile industry.

Some dwarves like brown recluse spiders for their venomous bite.

"Brown recluse spider" in other Languages Books-aj.svg aj ashton 01.svg
Dwarven: neb orstist sethal
Elven: bideÿe éniri thepani
Goblin: urso ästspub utes
Human: tasar zinga azoc
Admired for its venomous bite.
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