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Amber is a type of material made from fossilized tree resin. Although it has been present in Dwarf Fortress since the very first release, amber has never served an in-game purpose, as your dwarves cannot produce it (even though the furniture and finished goods stockpiles include amber within the "Other Materials" listing). Civilizations with access to ocean products (and in proximity to appropriate oceans) have access to this material and can make it into crafts. Thus, very little is known about the material or what its purpose in the game is, though a use might still be implemented in the future. Titans, forgotten beasts, and demons are occasionally made of amber, though like all non-fleshy procedurally generated creatures, these only leave pieces of amber behind when killed. Amber has the exact same material properties as snow, mud, and vomit – even punching it a few times will probably be enough to kill creatures made of it.

Amber is one of the three unimplemented organic materials in the game, the others being coral and pearls. Dwarves can still have preferences for these materials; more annoyingly, nobles can still issue demands involving these materials.

The stuff of fossils.
"Amber" in other Languages Books-aj.svg aj ashton 01.svg
Dwarven: thukkan
Elvish: ilí
Goblin: rud
Human: kuppo
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Nobles have been known to mandate amber goods in response to reports of goblin babysnatchers.

Some dwarves believe it is possible to recreate ancient megabeasts from mosquitos stuck in amber.

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