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Press cake

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A press cake is a type of glob, a low-value food item pressed from an oil-producing seed or olive at a rate of one press cake per unit of oil. It is a by-product of the pressing process, consisting of the leftover solids from the base material.

Press cakes will be used in the kitchen when 'prepare meal' tasks are queued, if they are enabled in the Kitchen tab in the Status screen. They are stored in a food stockpile as "pressed material."

Generally not a human food...

Press cake-producing crops[edit]

The following crops produce materials that can be pressed into oil and press cakes:

Plant Name Underground? Press Cake Name Press Cake Value
Quarry bush Yes rock nut press cake 1☼
Cotton No cotton seed press cake 1☼
Flax No flax seed press cake 1☼
Hemp No hemp seed press cake 1☼
Kenaf No kenaf seed press cake 1☼
Olive (fruit) No olive pomace 1☼

To press oil from the various seed crops - all except olives - the seed must first be milled into paste at a millstone or quern. Only this intermediate product can be pressed. Olives can be pressed directly.

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