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Cheese is a food item made from milk at the farmer's workshop with the cheese making labor. It can be eaten as is or cooked into prepared meals.

A single "Make cheese" job will take a barrel of milk to the workshop and produce several stacks of cheese of size 5 or less - for example, a barrel containing 17 units of milk will produce 3 stacks of 5 cheese and 1 stack of 2 cheese. A container of frozen milk will, obviously, not be made into cheese.

The milk of any milk-producing animal can be converted to cheese. With the exception of dwarven cheese, which is made from dwarven milk, all cheeses are priced at the value of 10☼.

"Cheese" in other Languages Books-aj.svg aj ashton 01.svg
Dwarven: shokmug
Elvish: fetha
Goblin: ursus
Human: anig

Note that while milk in a barrel won't rot, cheese outside a food stockpile will.

Cheese pricing and trade information
Name Price Dwarven trade good Human trade good Elven trade good
Dwarven cheese 20☼ No1 No No
Other cheeses 10☼ Yes Yes No

1: By default, dwarven milk or cheese is not available on embark or dwarven caravans Bug:1449. See this section for a workaround.

Tilsit cheese. Tastes exactly like Tilsit cheese, because that's what it is.
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You are likely acquainted with the dwarven fondness for cheese, but did you know that a dwarf actually invented cheese? She was trying to ferment milk and turn it into a new kind of alcohol, and was quite surprised when she ended up with something else entirely. That's why the dwarven word for cheese is 'shokmug.' She was shocked that it couldn't be drunk from a mug. Meanwhile, the goblin word for cheese is 'ursus', which is a whole new can of worms.

Some humans have divined a positive correlation between possessing an enormous amount of cheese and enormous amount of friends.

Rarely, a migrant may appear with a dream of creating a masterwork wheel of cheese. This is presumably a bug, as cheese currently lacks quality levels. Since an eternally unfulfilled goal may make the dwarf moody and prone to tantrums, the best solution to the problem is to arrange them an audience with royalty.

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