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This article is about an older version of DF.
Now you will know why you fear the night.

Introduced in v0.31.17, Night creatures are supernatural monsters which kidnap non-goblin civilized beings, transform them into night creature spouses, and then mate with them to produce young. The children are all the same sex as the night creature, never that of the spouse. In adventure mode night creatures and night creatures spouses can be given as quests.

Like bogeymen, forgotten beasts, and titans, each night creature is randomly generated and different from all the rest. Their lairs are mounds or holes in the ground with doors or hatch covers, and contain various primitive tools, small amounts of stolen coins, corpses, and the organs of sentient creatures prepared as food.

The night creatures' lairs, according to Toady One, have a unique tag that causes items placed there to not be scattered around or rot.

In version 0.34, multiple new types of night creatures were added, with this type becoming known as a Night Troll.