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Splish splosh.

A lake is a biome. It is a large area covered with fairly deep water. Lakes can be filled with freshwater, saltwater or brackish water. Lakes have slopes leading into the water, making them ideal for learning how to swim in adventure mode.

The settings you choose during World generation have a large impact on how many lakes will be formed. For example, a Large Island world will typically have many fewer lakes than a Large Region world.

There are six types of lakes, divided by climate and the salinity of the water. They are listed in the following table:

Freshwater Brackish water Saltwater
Temperate Temperate freshwater lake Temperate brackish lake Temperate saltwater lake
Tropical Tropical freshwater lake Tropical brackish lake Tropical saltwater lake



Name Graphic Temperate lake Tropical lake
Freshwater Brackish Saltwater Freshwater Brackish Saltwater
T Alligator snapping turtle Alligator snapping turtle sprite.png
b Beaver Beaver sprite.png
α Carp Carp sprite.png
t Common snapping turtle Snapping turtle sprite.png
d Duck Ducks sprite anim.gif
g Goose Goose sprite.png
H Hippo Hippo sprite.png
g Longnose gar Longnose gar sprite.png
l Loon Loon sprite.png
α Milkfish Milkfish sprite.png
m Mink Mink sprite.png
o Osprey Osprey sprite.png
α Pike Pike sprite.png
o River otter River otter sprite.png
~ Sea lamprey Sea lamprey sprite.png
s Sponge Sponge sprite.png
ò Stingray Stingray sprite.png
s Swan Swan sprite.png
α Tigerfish Tigerfish sprite.png

In savage lakes:

Name Graphic Temperate lake Tropical lake
Freshwater Brackish Saltwater Freshwater Brackish Saltwater
a Axolotl man Axolotl sprite.png
b Beaver man Beaver man sprite.png
A Giant axolotl Giant axolotl sprite.png
B Giant beaver Giant beaver sprite.png
F Giant green tree frog Giant green tree frog sprite.png
H Giant hippo Giant hippo sprite.png
L Giant leech Giant leech sprite.png
L Giant loon Giant loon sprite.png
M Giant mink Giant mink sprite.png
O Giant osprey Giant osprey sprite.png
O Giant otter Giant otter sprite.png
T Giant snapping turtle Giant snapping turtle sprite.png
S Giant sponge Giant sponge sprite.png
s Giant swan Giant swan sprite.png
f Green tree frog man Green tree frog man sprite.png
H Hippo man Hippo man sprite.png
l Leech man Leech man sprite.png
l Loon man Loon man sprite.png
m Mink man Mink man sprite.png
o Osprey man Osprey man sprite.png
o Otter man Otter man sprite.png
T Snapping turtle man Desert tortoise man sprite.png
s Sponge man Sponge man sprite.png
s Swan man Swan man sprite.png


Name Graphic Temperate lake Tropical lake
Freshwater Brackish Saltwater Freshwater Brackish Saltwater
Axolotl Axolotl sprite.png
α Banded knifefish Banded knifefish sprite.png
α Black bullhead Black bullhead sprite.png
α Brown bullhead Brown bullhead sprite.png
α Char Char sprite.png
α Clown loach Clown loach sprite.png
Green tree frog Green tree frog sprite.png
α Guppy Guppy sprite.png
~ Leech Leech sprite.png
α Lungfish Lungfish sprite.png
m Mussel Mussel sprite.png
α Perch Perch sprite.png
α Rainbow trout Rainbow trout sprite.png
α Sailfin molly Sailfin molly sprite.png
α Yellow bullhead Yellow bullhead sprite.png

In good lakes:

Name Graphic Temperate lake Tropical lake
Freshwater Brackish Saltwater Freshwater Brackish Saltwater
Fairy Fairy sprite.png
· Pixie Pixie sprite anim.gif
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Elvish: ÿonali
Goblin: smespu
Human: hode
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