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Forest retreat

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A forest retreat on the embark screen

Forest retreats (Icon site forest retreat 1.png, Icon site forest retreat 2.png or î, in ASCII mode) are sites created by elven "civilizations", little more than various large, unnatural-looking trees given particular importance by their inhabitants, with the elves living and conducting business from the canopy. They also tend to have orchards. Forest retreat ruins appear as Icon site ruin forest retreat1.png and Icon site ruin forest retreat2.png (or μ and in ASCII mode).

Features of retreats include tree houses, shaping trees, market trees, tavern trees and the Home Tree. Tree houses are quite literally that, large trees with floor-like structures of branches where elven citizens loiter around. Shaping trees are used for producing naturally-grown wooden finished goods and tend to have assorted imported items littering the canopy, even including foreign clothing too big for them to wear. Market trees are their equivalent to shops. Unlike most features, market trees tend to have various market stalls set up underneath the tree instead of in the canopy. Tavern trees are similar to market trees, with tables, chairs, instruments, and a tavern keeper underneath a huge flat canopy growing out from a single trunk (and they can be truly enormous). The Home Tree is where the local religious leaders and other nobles can be found, and it contains large circle-shaped "node-like" structures spreading out away from the tree with paths of branches connecting them. Sadly, you can't conquer the pesky little tree-huggers by claiming the site for yourself and kicking everyone off the Home Tree, unlike taking over a hamlet.Bug:8001

A tree house in an elven forest retreat with some inhabitants. It is possible to stand on the branches and trunk. Climbing or jumping may be required to talk with the locals.
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