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This article is about the current version of DF.
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An off-site holding is any site linked to your fortress economically, societally, or militarily. As your fortress grows successful, nearby sites may choose to become economically linked to your fortress, your civilization may found new sites societally linked to your fortress, and your dwarves can embark on missions to occupy and militarily link sites. These holdings may provide tribute, citizens, and prestige to your fortress. Additionally, members of your fortress can be sent to reside in your holdings. Dwarves you've expelled are not guaranteed to remain where you've sent them; they become subject to the turmoil of world activities like anyone else, and may move elsewhere.

Elevation of nobility in your fortress is directly tied to the number of off-site holdings you control.

Types of holdings[edit]

Economical links[edit]

An existing site may decide to "look to your thriving economy for its future prosperity" and become part of your holdings on its own. Proximity is required (within a day's travel--about 6 or less world map tiles). Economically-linked sites are not required to belong to your civilization, or even race. You can expel citizens to an economically-linked site, and send a messenger to request workers from the same site. Whether or not workers are available depends on whether there are any historical figures at the site. These can be citizens you have sent there, but can also be adventurers retired at the site, or the folks that they've been talking to. Presumably if historical figures move into a site on their own, these will also show up on the 'request workers' list.

If your fortress becomes a barony, economically-linked sites are converted to direct holdings.[1]

Sites belonging to a goblin civilization at war with you may become economically linked to your fortress. In this case, you cannot request workers from the site and can raid or conquer it like any other goblin site.

New foundings[edit]

Your civilization may decide to found a new hillocks near your fortress. The economical triggers for this to happen are the same as the old nobility triggers for pre-47.05 versions. Generic biome constraints for dwarven hillocks still apply: you need hills or grassland terrain around the fortress for the land to be eligible for a new founding. Furthermore, the same proximity constraint applies: it must be within a day's travel, or about 6 or less world map tiles. You may request workers from the site at any time (see Managing your holdings below).

Conquered sites[edit]

If you successfully sent a squad on a mission to conquer a neighbouring site, it will also be incorporated into your holdings. Your conquering forces will remain onsite as administrators and occupiers, though you may call (most of) them back by requesting workers with your messenger. If your military successfully conquers a site, or else obtains its surrender, the previous government will be dissolved. The leader of the site's previous government will typically then be executed by the new occupation forces, after which one of your soldiers may be appointed as the site's new administrator. Note, the new administrator of the holding will thus be unable to be recalled home by your messengers.

Managing your holdings[edit]

Holdings and Tribute world map

Holdings can be viewed on the Civilization and World Info screen by pressing Y. You can press l for the legend. Each civilization will have its own symbol (Ex: T) surrounded by a certain color of tile. If those tiles are red, you are at war with that civilization. If the tiles are light green, you are at peace. If they are dark blue, it is your civilization. Your site will be surrounded in light blue and your occupied holdings will be surrounded by magenta. Your vassal holdings will be surrounded by a grayish-blue color and your tributaries will be a T surrounded by gray, while occupied tributaries will be an O surrounded by purple. If you are economically linked to a settlement, the settlement will show up as an E surrounded by green.

With a holding selected (excluding economically-linked sites), pressing r will create a "request workers" mission. A list of available workers in the selected site will be shown; workers are drawn from the site's population of historical figures, if any, so they may not always be available. After selecting workers (in green), pressing ESC will take you to the mission screen, where you need to assign a messenger to carry your request (or remove the mission if no suitable workers were available). Workers may still leave the holding prior to your messenger's arrival, so your request is not guaranteed to be successful.


  • Hidden caves can become economically-linked to your site.Bug:10825
  • Requested workers with the merchant flag set won't actually work.Bug:10921 This can be fixed with DFHack's makeown command.
  • Expelled long-term visitors can return as buggy citizens Bug:10966
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