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Prepared organs

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Organs preview.png

Prepared organs are edible butchering products. They can be cooked into prepared meals or eaten as is. Obviously enough, they are listed on the stocks menu under meat. Much like with meat, the amount of and distribution of prepared organs you will receive from a butchered creature depends on the size of the creature, both in relative terms (size relative to its species) and absolute ones (size, period).

The organs produced depend on the type of animal as given in the raws. Mutilated corpses will yield fewer organs depending upon what parts of the corpse are missing; if those parts can be found, they can be butchered as well.

All prepared organs have a base value of two. They are:

Item Information Sprite
Prepared eye Almost all corpses yield two. Eye sprite.png
Prepared brain Brain sprite.png
Prepared lung Double the number.
All butcherable creatures
with lungs have two.
Lungs sprite.png
Prepared heart Heart sprite.png
Chopped liver Liver sprite.png
Prepared intestines Intestines sprite.png
Tripe (stomach) Tripe sprite.png
Sweetbread (pancreas) Sweetbread sprite.png
Prepared spleen Spleen sprite.png
Prepared kidneys Same as with the lungs. Kidney sprite.png
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Contrary to what was once believed, most organisms will actually produce two whole pairs of lungs when butchered. How four lungs fit in one tiny dwarf body is a mystery only Armok knows.

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