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Preferred Tileset Kein for its blend of tradition and innovation
Playing Version v0.31.04
Platform Mac

I'm a programmer (personally and professionally). I like roguelikes (ascended one barbarian in Nethack) and try to work on them, but don't have anything impressive to show you.

Reasons for Playing Dwarf Fortress[edit]

  • Open-endedness
  • Watching my designs play out
  • Appreciating its complexity and intricacy

Future Goals and Aspirations[edit]


  • Simulate social networking sites' "Like" buttons without spamming/vandalizing categories all over the place.
  • Rewrite Dwarven physics in the in-character voice of a dwarven physicist explaining it to us backward humans, attributing the "discrepancies" not to differences in physics, but to the advanced state of dwarven knowledge. Superior dwarven science has unlocked the secret of explosion-less item annihilation and perpetual motion machines (maybe they're related!).
  • Animation template

Things that belong toward the top of WantedPages (good content could live there) and will appear there by virtue of being linked here:


There are several canonical Dwarf Fortress scenarios that I have yet to try or achieve.

Streamlined bait-based drowning chamber with looting tray[edit]

Inspired by Lumpy McUglyFace's drowning chamber and Quietust's obsidian factory.

Side view:

       ░.§D.¢░    Bait animal, hatch cover at stairs
    ___┼____<%%   Pressure plate (not shown), entrance door, bridge, stairs up, screw pump (right to left)
.g.▲░░  _____%%≈░ Floor grates, internal access, screw pump (left to right)
░░░░░ ▲░≈≈≈≈≈░░░░ River

When a goblin enters to attack the animal, a pressure plate sets the trap in motion.

  1. Entrance door sealed shut.
  2. Hatch cover to upper floor sealed shut.
  3. Pumps activate, water fills the chamber.
  4. Time passes.
  5. Pumps shut off.
  6. Bridge retracts.
    1. Water falls through grate to river.
    2. Corpses and loot land on top of grate.
  7. Bridge re-extends.
  8. Hatch cover opens.
  9. Door opens.


  • Bait animal is safe and therefore doesn't need to be replaced.
  • Looting tray allows safe retrieval of narrow giant cave spider silk items, at your haulers' leisure.
  • No important items in the chamber means dwarves won't get in the way.
  • No way for invaders to get into your fortress.
  • No manual intervention required.
  • Bridge over river affords quick and easy drainage.

Challenges and risks:

  • Pressure plate placement; should go outside to allow entire interior to be bridge, but then the timing is very delicate.
    • May need to put the plate just outside the door and add a delay.
  • Automation is hard.

Ideas for Challenges[edit]

Simulate 9/11[edit]

Build a pair of very tall, identical towers, using supports, and collapse them both. Two variants:

  1. Make the links between the walls and the floors tenuous, and simulate "pancaking" as magma ("jet fuel") causes them to weaken and give way.
  2. Controlled demolition with thermite.
  • BONUS: Fill the towers with goblin cages and release them all just in time to be crushed.


Sanitation is one of the primary concerns of city planners, yet most dwarves have no place to use the restroom. Yours will!

Build a giant white stone toilet that flushes, including bowl, tank, handle, and seat. Deviate from realism as little as possible. Use it to dispose of hostile captives.

GauHelldragon already did this! Further suggestions:

  • Don't flood the whole map.
  • Emulate real toilets' mechanism for stopping flow and refilling the tank automatically.


A mysterious poltergeist in your region takes an unorthodox approach to avoiding overcrowding.

  1. Construct a large suicide chamber or many small ones, capable of liquidating a whole fortress's population.
  2. At the start of each migration wave, execute all of your residents and let the migrants take over a vacant fortress.
  • Since your population is always new, there is not enough time to build up high levels of skill.
  • On the other hand, relationships would also remain relatively shallow.
  • Special care must be taken to protect incoming migrants since wiping them out now causes the whole fortress to fail.
  • Keeping the fortress secure while it's empty has to be balanced against allowing the migrants to enter. Bridges controlled by indoor and outdoor levers may be one approach.
  • BONUS: Try to time it well enough to reduce your population briefly to 1 incoming migrant!


Recalling memories of fortresses is fun. Here are some of mine.

Region 1 (Name lost to the mists of time)[edit]

Population 7 dwarves, probably; can't imagine this one getting immigrants

I believe I abandoned this fortress after getting a basic sense of how to play and an understanding of this fortress' non-viability, then started Region 2 in the same world.

Noteworthy Occurrences[edit]

  • Took a while to figure out how to get my dwarves to do things. They idled while I learned keystrokes.
  • Miner got stuck somehow after falling in a hole.
  • Fortress layout was partly outdoors, partly wide-open non-defensible underground area.
  • Ran out of trees. Then found a bunch more after discovering the existence of Z-levels!


Sometime between Machinehall and Blockedbridge, I created a world in which to try Adventurer mode. The framerate was very slow and I was unable to find anything to do. I wandered through an Elven settlement talking to its residents, but none of them seemed to be the quest boss I wanted to meet, and I had no way to locate him. I decided that if I wanted a single-character questing experience, I could go play Nethack or Crawl instead, whereas Dwarf fortress mode is far more novel and interesting. Perma-saved.