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For information on the z key, see Status screen

The third axis is known in math as the z-axis. It measures "up and down" distances. A z-level is one layer of the map that can be viewed at a time. Changing z-levels is done two different ways with classic mode using the < (up) and > (down) keys and premium version using the scroll wheel and the e (up) and c (down) keys.

Keeping track of where you are[edit]

Classic Version[edit]

In fortress mode, the right-hand margin shows your location on the z-axis. Blue is above ground, brown is below ground, and the bright spot in the middle (yellow or cyan) shows the current level. This reflects the elevation profile for the spot the cursor is currently over. Moving up or down will not change the position of the bright marker, but will instead shift the whole bar under it. The number at the top shows how many levels above or below the surface the spot currently is. The number at the bottom is the elevation of the current level relative to the world's lowest ocean depth.

The top number (red or green) represents the number of z-levels away from ground level at the center of the screen. If there are mountains, or any form of uneven terrain on your map, these numbers will vary in the same z-level. There isn't currently a way around this. To view the z-level at a certain point, look often works (although it can be a bit unreliable with hills). This is useful for viewing the z-level near the map edge, which can't be centered on.

Premium Version[edit]

The minimap showing an elevation of 1.

In fortress mode, the elevation is displayed directly under the minimap in the top right.

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External links[edit]

  • DF Map Archive - a community site for sharing maps, lets visitors browse vertically through z-levels in exported maps