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For a comparison of different weapons, see Weapon.
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A mace is a blunt weapon that consists of a rounded or flanged weight mounted on the end of a handle. Despite similarities to a morningstar in appearance, a mace is 60% larger and has twice the contact area. Compared to the other native impact weapon, maces are twice the size of war hammers, with twice the contact area. What this means in combat is, generally speaking, hammers are better at punching through armor or damaging bones and organs, while maces do more tissue damage on unarmored opponents, leading to faster pulping of unprotected body parts.

Maces use and train the macedwarf skill. Dwarves can forge effective maces out of any weapons-grade metal, though those with higher densities (like silver) or higher impact fracture/yields (like steel) tend to cause more damage. All dwarves can equip maces, though a tiny fraction must use two hands.

If dwarves have a specific word for maces or similar weapons, it's not explicitly known; the most likely candidates however are astesh ('cudgel') and og ('club'), though the term for hammers (Nil) might also be used as a blanket term for any blunt instrument specifically meant for combat.

Forging and Melting[edit]

  • Maces cost one metal bar to forge, or three adamantine wafers.
  • When a non-adamantine mace is melted down, it will return 0.9 metal bars, for an efficiency of 90%.
  • When an adamantine mace is melted down, it will produce 0.9 wafers, for an efficiency of 30%

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