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For a comparison of different weapons, see Weapon.
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A whip is a blunt weapon that consists of a flexible length of material that can be swung with great speed. Whips have the lowest contact area and highest velocity multiplier in the game, making them amazingly effective against armor in particular. This behavior has been reported as a bug. Whips are similar to scourges, though the scourge is an edge weapon with a larger contact area and lower velocity.

Whips use and train the lasher skill. As foreign weapons, whips cannot be forged by dwarves. However, adventurers can be made to start with masterwork whips, and low-quality specimens can be traded from human caravans, or scavenged from invaders. Even the smallest dwarves can equip a whip one-handed.

Unlike every other weapon in the game, whips take 8 ticks to attack, 4 to prepare and 4 to recover, meaning whip users can only attack 75% as often as other weapon users; also unlike other weapons excepting its sister weapon, the scourge, they cannot under any circumstances be used in multiattacks. This is likely intended to balance their extreme power against armor.


  • Whips currently cut through steel armor like butter. This is more a natural consequence of the combat system and how armor piercing is defined than a bug, but it is dutifully tracked on the tracker anyway.Bug:2712
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