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Two-handed sword

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For a comparison of different weapons, see Weapon.
Two handed sword sprite preview.png

A two-handed sword is an edged weapon that is 3× the size of a short sword, with 5× the contact area. Two-handed swords have the same basic attacks as other swords, but benefit from increased damage potential, at a cost of reduced usability. Two-handed swords can span up to 6 ft. in length, and, as the name implies, were intended for use with a two-hand grip. The enormous contact area of two-handed swords allows massive wounds to be inflicted on nearly any target, no matter their size, if body parts are not simply cloven apart or removed altogether.

Two-handed swords use and train the swordsdwarf skill. As foreign weapons, dwarves cannot forge two-handed swords, limiting supply to whatever low-quality specimens can be traded from human caravans or scavenged from invaders.

Due to the size of two-handed swords, most dwarves are unable to equip them. With height and broadness modifiers, some dwarves should be able to use a two-handed sword, and a select few might manage to do so one-handed. Unfortunately, due to a bug, two-handed swords cannot currently be equipped by any dwarves.


In fortress mode, one-handed vs. two-handed checks are performed correctly, but can wield vs. can't wield ignores height and broadness modifiers, so dwarves cannot equip two-handed swords.Bug:0005812 See this forum post for details.

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