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This article is about an older version of DF.

Forests are biomes with large amounts of densely packed trees. They come in several varieties, distinguished by their climate and by the flora and fauna found there.

Tropical forests include tropical moist broadleaf forests, tropical dry broadleaf forests, and tropical conifer forests. They may contain elephants and various types of large felines. Tropical moist broadleaf forests may also contain various types of primates. Tropical forests are typically (although not always) hot or warm.

Other forests include temperate broadleaf forests, temperate coniferous forests, and taigas. They may contain grizzly and black bears, deer, foxes, raccoons, cougars, and wolves. Taigas are typically cold.

Different types of forests also contain different types of trees, although the differences between types of trees has very little impact on gameplay. See tree for more information.

All types of forests tend to have an abundance of plants and (obviously) wood. This often makes them desirable places to build a fortress, especially if they are located near mountains and other resources.

A town located in a forest is called a forest retreat. Elves usually live in forest retreats, and humans and dwarves sometimes capture them in worldgen as well.