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This article is about an older version of DF.
(For creatures or items "being wet" when covered with water, see Water.)

Climate in Dwarf Fortress is a temperature rating only; actual ground cover is called a biome. In order from hottest to coldest, they are:


  • Stagnant ponds dry up immediately. Rivers are unaffected.


  • In dry biomes, stagnant ponds may evaporate during dry seasons (usually summer); be sure to dig out a cistern before then if you lack a river. As of 39a, ponds can now refill with the rain, allowing more diverse climates to be settled.


  • (no effect)


  • Surface pools and rivers will freeze for part of the year. The length of freeze varies: They may start out frozen, thaw sometime during spring, and remain liquid until winter, or they may start out liquid and freeze for only a month or so in winter. If temperature is turned off, water cannot freeze or thaw.


  • Surface pools and rivers are usually frozen but usually thaw for a few months in each year.


  • Surface pools and rivers remain frozen throughout the year in a majority of maps; you must use a source of heat (such as magma) to obtain liquid water.
  • If temperature is turned on, exposed dwarves and livestock may quickly freeze to death.

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