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This article is about an older version of DF.

A brook is a small river that creatures and wagons can travel across without swimming, without even getting wet. The top of the brook shows running water as long as there is water in the tile below; if the brook is dammed or otherwise drained, a dry streambed character (similar in appearance to a boulder, but not blocking wagons) will appear instead. The top of a brook acts like a floor grate most of the time: fluids, such as magma and water itself, will fall through it, and it can be fished through as well. However, releasing water over the surface of a brook will cause the brook to become muddy, and capable of being farmed on.

Water wheels and wells will not function if placed directly on a brook. In order to get either to work, you must dig a channel through the surface of the brook, which removes the floor tiles, making that part like a normal river.

Accessing the stream bed[edit]

The level in which the water flows, beneath the surface of the brook, is also labeled "Brook". It blocks movement while allowing water to flow very freely. It has the same appearance as water, unless all the water is drained at which point it takes on the appearance of a boulder. It cannot be smoothed, but it can be mined out to produce one stone, which may lie on a floor of clay or other non-matching material. This can provide an important source of stone in maps which contain aquifers with the brook itself providing the motive force for draining the aquifer, and the stone supplying the much needed mechanisms. The terrain of the brook bed seems to be Inside Light Above Ground when dug out or drained, while appearing here and there as Outside in unmined areas. The clay bed can be farmed normally with above-ground crops.

Water flows from one "upstream" end of the brook at the edge of the map, while draining from the downstream end.

If a brook is "broken" by collapsing a construction over it, the broken tiles will destroy water that flows into them (this will eventually drain the downstream portion of the brook) - when this is done, the floor is missing but the tiles at Z-1 are still "brook" rather than being dug out.

It is possible to swim in a brook in adventure mode. If you enter a river near a brook/river transition, the brook tiles will act like a wall normally, but you can alt move into the brook tile to swim into it. While swimming in a brook, it is impossible to move up through the brook, the same way one cannot go down through a brook, and you will also begin to drown.

See also[edit]

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