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This article is about an older version of DF.
You may be looking for Dwarf fortress mode.

Dwarves live in fortresses — usually underground complexes with all the required buildings for dwarven living.


Fortresses are named in a specific manner. The name is usually assigned at random, but can be set at embark time. They also gain a title according their population. This title is viewable in the upper left of the z screen, in front of the fortress name.

In addition, the fort may be the home of monarchs of the surrounding land and gain an additional title. This title is also conferred to the Manager, Broker, and the visiting Liaison - for example, the Manager might first be called an Outpost Manager and later on a City Manager, then finally the Mountainhome Manager. The Bookkeeper gains a special title based on your created wealth.

Each fortress title requires a certain population as well as performing a number of "diverse tasks" over the course of one year with the Autumn caravan safely making it home - crafting, metal, wood, gem, stone, and food-related jobs. For example, to become a Town and attract the Baron, you must perform 4 of the following: 25 crafting jobs, 25 metal-related jobs, 25 wood-related jobs, 10 gem jobs, 25 stone jobs, 25 food jobs.

Title Pop Jobs Triggers
Ω Outpost - None
Ω Hamlet 20 3 of 10/10/10/4/10/10 Sheriff
Ω Village 50 3 of 15/15/15/6/15/15 Mayor
Ω Town 80 4 of 25/25/25/10/25/25 Baron
Ω City 110 4 of 35/35/35/14/35/35 Count
Ω Metropolis 140 5 of 50/50/50/20/50/50 Duke
Mountainhome King Special N/A
Noble Title
  • Home of the King/Queen
  • Capital of its civilization