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Honey bee


Urist likes honey bees for their busy nature.


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This article is about an older version of DF.
A small flying insect that lives in large colonies. It has a powerful stinger on its tail. Its hives are prized for their honey.
Admired for its busy nature.

On embarks with natural honey bee hives, dwarves with the beekeeper skill enabled can transfer the bees into artificial hives. These artificial hives can be built at the craftsdwarf's workshop, metalsmith's forge, glass furnace, or kiln. Once the artificial hive is built, it can be set to either allow collection of hive products (which destroys the hive) or not (which allows the hive to grow so that it may be split into another hive). In order to collect hive products, the dwarves must have at least two jugs (which are made at the same places as hives). When a Beekeeper collects the hive products, the hive is destroyed, one jug is filled with royal jelly, and a honeycomb is produced. The honeycomb can then be pressed at a screw press in order to collect honey and wax. The royal jelly can be sold to elves (who are suckers for holistic medicine) or cooked into prepared meals.

Honey bee colonies can spawn on embark locations, regardless if there are any there originally or not.

A dwarf being stung by a bee does not create an unhappy thought.

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