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Urist likes turtles for their beauty.


· Amphibious · Exotic pet · Fishable · Shell

Pet value 10
Active Seasons
Spring Summer Autumn Winter

Wikipedia article

This article is about an older version of DF.
A small reptile that carries a shell on its back for protection.
Admired for its beauty.

Turtles are a common source of food and one of the few sources of shells. Turtles can be found in any pool of water and are gathered by fishing.

To harvest a shell, the turtle must be processed at a Fishery. This will produce a turtle shell and an edible turtle. Currently one stack of turtles [5] will only produce one shell due to bug 808. Bug:0808 If a turtle is eaten before it is processed, no shell will be produced.

Turtles are categorized as fish in the stocks and status screen.

Turtles purchased from caravans are already processed and thus have no shell.

When you buy an empty cage from the traders, there's a chance you will get a vermin inside, including turtles, however, you can't get a shell from a tame pet turtle you bought from a caravan.

The only way you can get a shell from turtles is by having a fisherdwarf perform the fishing labor, producing a raw turtle, which is then taken to a fishery and processed to get a shell and a turtle food item. Even if you release that tame vermin and it gets killed by a trap, the only result will be turtle remains, not a raw turtle you can take to a fisherdwarf's workshop and process to get a shell.

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