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Profession Unknown
Job Title Tracker
Labor None


  • Unknown
This article is about the current version of DF.

Tracker is a skill used in Adventurer mode which allows an adventurer to track creatures. Higher levels let you spot more tracks and help distinguish different tracks. The only time that this skill is not being trained is when your adventurer is sleeping, waiting, or having too much fun. As a result, it will typically reach legendary status by the end of an in-game week.

Historical figures that have done scouting, beast hunting or wandering in the past always seem to have some levels of this skill.

In fortress mode, this is used by scholars who are naturalists. Monster slayers also have this skill, but it is unknown if or how it helps them pursue their personal goals.

Topic Description Wikipedia link Subdivision Skills used in research
Dissection The dissection of creatures Dissection Method Critical thinker
Anatomy The anatomical study of creatures Anatomy Observation Critical thinker, Tracker
Embryology The embryological development of creatures Embryology Observation Observer
Foraging behavior The foraging behavior and diet of creatures Foraging Observation Tracker, Record keeper, Observer
Migration The migratory patterns of creatures Animal migration Observation Tracker, Record keeper, Observer
Reproductive behavior The reproductive behavior of creatures Reproduction Observation Tracker, Record keeper, Observer
Social behavior The social behavior of creatures Social behavior Observation Tracker, Record keeper, Observer
Veterinary medicine The diseases of creatures Veterinary medicine Observation Tracker, Record keeper, Observer
Climactic adaptation The way that creatures are suited to the climates in which they live Climatic adaptation Theory Critical thinker
Comparative anatomy The comparison of the anatomy of creatures Comparative anatomy Theory Critical thinker
Food chain The links between the diets of different creatures. Food chain Theory Critical thinker
Physical taxonomy The classification of creatures by their physical features Aristotle's biology § Classification Theory Critical thinker
Struggle for existence The struggle for survival among creatures Struggle for existence Theory Critical thinker