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This article is about the current version of DF.
Profession None
Job Title Tactician
Labor None
  • Command squads in off-site battles
  • Unknown

Military tactics is a military skill. Along with leader and organizer skills, it affects battles, giving the side with the better tactician a greater chance of victory.

Military tactics determines a squad's success chance in mission battles.v0.44.06 The squad member with the highest skill in military tactics is used. The skill skews rolls in battles in opposition to the opponent's tactician skills.

Military tactics is an available skill at embark.v0.44.07 When assigning squad members, military tactician appears as a relevant skill for squad-leading nobles/appointments.v0.44.08

A mission leader can increase this skill in pillage and raze missions when they gain a positional advantage over the enemy. It may then be possible for them to give demonstrations of the skill at a barracks.Verify