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This article is about an older version of DF.
For a comparison of different weapons, see Weapon.

Steel short sword

A short sword is an edged weapon that is larger than a knife, with a blade long enough to make slashing effective but shorter than other swords. Short swords have the same basic attacks as other swords, but suffer slightly because of their reduced size.

Short swords use and train the swordsdwarf skill. Dwarves can forge short swords out of any weapon-grade metal, but those with superior edge properties are more effective. "Rock short swords" are a special type of short sword that are constructed out of obsidian (with wooden handles) by a stonecrafter at a craftsdwarf's workshop. Rock short swords may be based on the Aztec Macuahuitl, described as being a club with rows of sharp stone edge affixed to the sides. All dwarves can equip short swords, but a tiny fraction must use two hands.

Forging and Melting[edit]

  • Metal short swords cost one metal bar to forge, or three adamantine wafers.
  • When a non-adamantine metal short sword is melted down, it will return 0.9 metal bars, for an efficiency of 90%.
  • When an adamantine short sword is melted down, it will produce 0.9 wafers, for an efficiency of 30%