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This article is about an older version of DF.

Night trolls Ñ are a type of night creature. They are supernatural monsters which kidnap non-goblin civilized beings, transform them into spouses, and then mate with them to produce young. The children are all the same sex as the night troll, never that of the spouse. In adventure mode, night trolls and their spouses can be given as quests.

Like bogeymen, forgotten beasts, and titans, night trolls are procedurally generated during world generation. Not all night trolls are named as such - the possible names, apart from words indicating night, evil, or darkness, include crone, freak, hag, horror, man, monster, ogre, ogress, troll, and woman.

Their lairs are mounds or holes in the ground with doors or hatch covers. Depending on the night troll, they can contain various tools, small amounts of discarded coins and clothing from their victims, corpses, organs of sentient creatures prepared as food, cauldrons of blood, bone meal, and ground vermin. Most night troll lairs are inhabited by a single creature, but sometimes you'll encounter entire families of five or even ten.

Night trolls are somewhat challenging opponents in battle, but not particularly dangerous if encountered alone: since they are fairly large, wrestling them is quite difficult while still possible, and they are a bit harder than humans to harm with blunt attacks. In addition, they are immune to pain and do not need to breathe, so they cannot be made to pass out and will not suffocate.

Night trolls rarely wield one of the butchery tools generated in their lairs - like boning knives or meat cleavers. Usually they will attack unarmed and can, due to their large size, cause serious harm with their punches, kicks and especially bites. Be especially wary of trolls and other night creatures that also possess horns.

They can die from blood loss, brain damage, beheading and bisection (cutting off the lower body). They never wear clothing or armour, and are therefore quite susceptible to having limbs cut off. Hacking and slashing attacks work remarkably well against them.

The night trolls' lairs, according to Toady One, have a unique tag that causes items placed there to not be scattered around or rot.