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Urist likes giraffes for their long necks.




· Exotic mount

Tamed Attributes
Pet value 500
Grazer: 18x18

· Exotic pet · Breeding

Trainable:  Hunting   War 

Birth: 100,000 cm3
Mid: 500,000 cm3
Max: 1,000,000 cm3

Adult at: 10
Max age: 25-30
Butchering returns

(Value multiplier x5)

Food items

Meat 30
Fat 13
Brain 1
Heart 1
Lungs 2
Intestines 3
Liver 1
Kidneys 2
Tripe 1
Sweetbread 1
Eyes 2
Spleen 1

Raw materials

Bones 25
Skull 1
Horns 2
Skin Raw hide

Wikipedia article

This article is about an older version of DF.
A huge leaf-eating mammal. It has an extremely long neck. Its skin has a distinctive brown and white pattern.

Giraffes are large, long-necked creatures that appear in savannas (warm forests with high drainage), and are a common occurrence there. Tree browsing has yet to be implemented, so giraffes will not deforest your surroundings, but in you manage to capture and tame some, their grazer value of 30 (equivalent to the largest of domesticated animals, water buffalos) will require a large pasture for them to survive. They tend to flee rather than fight, but if they do fight, their large size can allow them to easily dispatch a lone hunter who ventures too close; in combat, their hooves and mass make a good natural weapon.

While giraffes can be trained as war giraffes, their military value is questionable due to their high grazing requirements and the fact that their children take ten years to mature.

Admired for their long necks