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This article is about an older version of DF.

Smoothing natural walls and floors increases the value of rooms. It is done by dwarves with the Stone detailing labor, and it trains the Engraver skill. Smoothed floors look like constructed floors. Smoothed walls look similar to manually constructed walls and join neatly with corners, T-junctions and straight bits. A single tile of smoothed rock wall will appear as a free-standing pillar until joined to adjacent walls.

Only smoothed surfaces can be engraved to increase the room's value further, and only smoothed walls can be carved into fortifications.

Smoothing an area[edit]

  1. Press d to open the designate menu.
  2. Press s to select "Smooth Stone".
  3. Move the cursor to a position on or near a wall or floor and press enter.
  4. The spot you marked changes to a blinking green "+" indicating where the area you wish to smooth extends from.
  5. Move the cursor to any position, across the area you wish to smooth and then press enter again.
  6. The wall and floor tiles in the area you defined will blink with a white regular pattern.
  7. Wait for a dwarf with the Stone detailing skill to smooth the stone on the walls and floors.


  • You cannot smooth soil, such as silt, clay, loam, peat or sand. However, unlike previous versions, metal ores and other valuable stones can be smoothed.
  • Smoothing a muddy floor will remove the mud - it is therefore a bad idea to smooth your underground farm.
  • Smoothing a stone aquifer wall will cause it to stop leaking water.
  • If a smoothed floor is muddied, it will remain smooth - however, if/when shrubs and/or tower-caps grow on it, those tiles will become rough stone again.
  • Smoothing a boulder allows wagons to pass over that tile.
  • If a miner begins digging a tile of stone but does not finish, it cannot later be smoothed.