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Mica sprite.png


  • Found within granite as large clusters
Fire-safe Magma-safe

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This article is about the current version of DF.
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Mica is a magma-safe stone found in large clusters within metamorphic stone and granite. In the Steam version, it is brown/tan in color while its ASCII colouring is gray.

In Dwarf Fortress, mica is stated to be based on the mineral muscovite, one of the multiple minerals referred to as "mica".

In Real Life[edit]

Mica's relative unimportance in Dwarf Fortress is incongruous as in the real world this soft, flaky mineral was highly sought after in the quantities in which it appears in the game. Mica was used for a long time as a glass alternative for lanterns and other uses where the pane was to be exposed to high temperatures. Commonly forming in small beds within sedimentary layers or small clusters within granite, this mineral comes in two main forms: white/clear mica and 'black' mica. Black mica was used for most applications where we now would use welding glass before the advent of modern glass processes, where the clear mica was used in such diverse applications as window glassing and the headlamps of early trains. This made strikes of Mica valuable and sought after by those interested in industry, and several large played-out mica mines can be seen in the US and Europe.