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Skill: Logician
Profession Scholar
Job Title Logician
  • Ponder
  • Discuss
  • Research
  • Unknown
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Logician is a scholar skill. It is used by scholars when thinking about philosophy and mathematics topics:

Topic Description Wikipedia link Subdivision Skills used in research
Nature of beauty Discourse on the nature of beauty Beauty (ancient thought) Aesthetics Critical thinker
Value of art Discourse on the value of art Aesthetics Aesthetics Critical thinker
Belief Discourse on the nature of belief Epistemology § Belief Epistemology Critical thinker
Justification Discourse on the nature of justification Epistemology § Justification Epistemology Critical thinker
Perception Discourse on the nature of perception Philosophy of perception Epistemology Critical thinker
Truth Discourse on the nature of truth Epistemology § Truth Epistemology Critical thinker
Individual value Discourse on the meaning of individual happiness Value (ethics) § Personal values Ethics Critical thinker
State consequentialism Discourse on ethics as applied to the benefit of the state State consequentialism Ethics Critical thinker
Interpersonal conduct Discourse on ethics as applied to interpersonal conduct Value (ethics) § Cultural values Ethics (applied) Critical thinker
Medical Discourse on medical ethics Medical ethics Ethics (applied) Critical thinker
Military Discourse on ethics as applied to war Ethics § Military ethics Ethics (applied) Critical thinker
Analogical inference Analogical inference Argument from analogy Logic Logician
Deductive reasoning Deductive reasoning Deductive reasoning Logic Logician
Dialectic reasoning Dialectic reasoning. Books on this topic will instead talk about using the dialogue, as this opens up the dialogue literary form. Dialectic Logic Logician
Direct inference Direct inference Statistical syllogism Logic Logician
Formal reasoning Formal reasoning Reason Logic Logician
Hypothetical syllogisms Hypothetical syllogisms Hypothetical syllogism Logic Logician
Inductive reasoning Inductive reasoning Inductive reasoning Logic Logician
Propositional logic Propositional calculus Logic
Syllogistic logic Syllogistic logic Syllogism Logic Logician
Causation The nature of causation Causality Metaphysics Critical thinker
Events Discourse on the nature of events Event (philosophy) Metaphysics Critical thinker
Existence The nature of existence. Existence Metaphysics Critical thinker
Mind body Discourse on the nature of mind and body Mind–body problem Metaphysics Critical thinker
Objects and properties The relationship between objects and their properties Essence Metaphysics Critical thinker
Processes The nature of processes Process philosophy Metaphysics Critical thinker
Time Discourse on the nature of time Time Metaphysics Critical thinker
Wholes and parts The relationship between wholes and parts Mereology Metaphysics Critical thinker
Education Education, its forms and recommendations Education Specialized Critical thinker
Law Discourse on law Law Specialized Critical thinker
Dictionary Dictionaries Dictionary Specialized (language) Critical thinker
Etymology The notion of etymology Etymology Specialized (language) Critical thinker
Grammar Grammar Grammar Specialized (language) Critical thinker
Diplomacy Discourse on diplomacy Diplomacy Specialized (politics) Critical thinker
Economic policy Discourse on economic policy Economic policy Specialized (politics) Critical thinker
Government forms Discourse on government Government Specialized (politics) Critical thinker
Social welfare Discourse on social welfare Welfare Specialized (politics) Critical thinker
Value agendas The philosopher will choose a belief that they have and write about the "worthlessness/nuances/value of (belief)". Reading these books will result in a dwarf's (or adventurer's) values changing. [1] [2] Propaganda n/a
Topic Description Wikipedia link Subdivision Skills used in research
Divergence of harmonic series The divergence of the harmonic series Harmonic series (mathematics) Algebra Mathematician
Equations The technique of balancing and completion for solving equations The Compendious Book on Calculation by Completion and Balancing, Algebra, and Equation Algebra Mathematician
Large sums Simple formulas for certain arbitrarily large sums Summation Algebra Mathematician
Pascal's triangle A triangular configuration of numbers relating to the successive powers of any sum Pascal's triangle Algebra Mathematician
Quadratic by completing square The solving of quadratic equations by completion of the square Completing the square Algebra Mathematician
Quadratic formula A formula which solves quadratic equations Quadratic formula Algebra Mathematician
Solving higher order polynomials Methods for solving certain equations involving powers higher than the quadratic Galois theory Algebra Mathematician
Systems of equations Methods of solving systems of equations Linear system Algebra Mathematician
Area enclosed by line and parabola The area enclosed by a parabola and a line The Quadrature of the Parabola Geometry Mathematician
Area of circle Area of a disk Geometry Mathematician
Area of triangle from side lengths The computation of the area of a triangle from its three side lengths alone Heron's formula Geometry Mathematician
Basic geometry Geometric objects: points, lines, circles, triangles, and so on Geometry Geometry Mathematician
Chords The properties of chords Chord (geometry) Geometry Mathematician
Chord tables A table of chord lengths indexed by angle Ptolemy's table of chords Geometry Mathematician
Conic sections The categorization and properties of conic sections Conic section Geometry Mathematician
Existence of pi The relationship between the area of a circle and its radius, involving the ratio of the circumference of the circle to its diameter Pi Geometry Mathematician
Geometric mean The relationship between the length of the altitude of a right triangle and the lengths of the segments into which it divides the hypotenuse Geometric mean theorem Geometry Mathematician
Inscribed triangle on diameter is right The angles of triangles inscribed in a circle with one edge on the diameter Thales' theorem Geometry Mathematician
Irrational numbers The existence of incommensurable ratios Irrational number Geometry Mathematician
Isosceles base angles equal The equality of the base angle of isosceles triangles Pons asinorum Geometry Mathematician
Law of sines The relatonship between the half chords of lengths and the diameter of the triangle’s circumscribed circle. Law of sines Geometry Mathematician
Pi to 6 digits Zu Chongzhi § Mathematics and Milü Geometry Mathematician
Pythagorean theorem The relationship between the lengths of the hypotenuse of a right triangle and the other two sides Pythagorean theorem Geometry Mathematician
Pythagorean triples 3 digit Examples of triples of large whole numbers which, when taken together, are the lengths of the sides of a right triangle Pythagorean triples Geometry Mathematician
Pythagorean triples 4 digit Examples of triples of very large whole numbers which, when taken together, are the lengths of the sides of a right triangle Pythagorean triples Geometry Mathematician
Pythagorean triples small Examples of triples of small whole numbers which, when taken together, are the lengths of the sides of a right triangle Pythagorean triples Geometry Mathematician
Similar and congruent triangles The properties of similar and congruent triangles Similarity (geometry) and Congruence (geometry) Geometry Mathematician
Sum-difference trig identities Trigonometric identities relating to the sums and differences of angles List of trigonometric identities § Angle sum and difference identities Geometry Mathematician
Surface area of sphere The computation of the surface area of a sphere Sphere § Surface area Geometry Mathematician
Volume of cone The computation of the volume of a cone Cone § Volume Geometry Mathematician
Volume of pyramid The computation of the volume of different pyramids Pyramid (geometry) § Volume Geometry Mathematician
Volume of sphere The computation of the volume of a sphere Sphere § Volume Geometry Mathematician
Axioms Axiomatic reasoning Axiomatic system Method Logician
Method of exhaustion An approximation of the ratio of a circumference of a circle to its diameter, using the area of polygons and the method of exhaustion Method of exhaustion Method Logician
Proof by contradiction The method of proof by contradiction Proof by contradiction Method Logician
Algebra Notation for abbreviating the unknown and other elements of an equation in a systematic and useful fashion Algebra Notation Logician
Negative numbers Notation for negative quantities Negative number Notation Logician
Place values Positional notation Positional notation Notation Logician
Scientific notation Notation for very large and very small numbers Scientific notation Notation Logician
Symbol for addition The idea of using symbolic notation for addition Plus and minus signs § Plus sign Notation Logician
Zero A symbol for nothingness 0 (number) Notation Logician
Approximation of root 2 An approximation for the length of the diagonal of a square Square root of 2 § History Numbers Mathematician
Chinese remainder algorithm An algorithm for computing a number which has given remainders when divided by several given primes Chinese remainder theorem Numbers Mathematician
Division An algorithm for dividing one number into another, possibly yielding a remainder Euclidean division Numbers Mathematician
Euclid's Theorem A proof that there are infinitely many prime numbers Euclid's theorem Numbers Mathematician
Euclidean Algorithm An algorithm for computing the greatest common divisor of two numbers Euclidean algorithm Numbers Mathematician
Irrationality of root 2 A proof that the length of a diagonal of a square is incommensurable with its edge Square root of 2 § Proofs of irrationality Numbers Mathematician
Sieve algorithm for primes An algorithm for calculating prime numbers Sieve of Eratosthenes Numbers Mathematician
Unique prime factorization The unique decomposition of a number into products of its prime divisors Fundamental theorem of arithmetic Numbers Mathematician
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