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DF2014:Dwarf cancels construct "Rock object": Needs non-economic rock

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This article is about an older version of DF.

Dwarf cancels construct "Rock object": Needs non-economic rock

This error message occurs when a dwarf attempts to make a rock object but there are no loose stones available. Note that "availability" can be influenced by both burrows and linked stockpiles -- there may be loose stones right next to the workshop, but if they've been excluded by a burrow or stockpile link, you'll still receive this message. If your stone supply really is exhausted, you can mine out rock to create more stones. You can also get this error when a dwarf walls themselves into a corner and is unable to leave to get more rocks. Also, be careful where you build your Mason's workshop, as some parts of it obstruct movement.

Sometimes the only rocks available are economic stones. By default, these types of rock are forbidden for general use. You can toggle economic stones for non-economic use under "Stone" in the stocks menu -- stones in red are reserved for economic use; stones in green are available for any non-economic use.