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Bismuth bronze

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Bismuth bronze
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Bismuth bronze bar sprite.png
Fire-safe Not magma-safe

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Bismuth bronze is an alloy of copper, tin and bismuth, with exactly the same weapon and armor properties as regular bronze. However, it is slightly more valuable (×6 vs ×5) than regular bronze.


Just like regular bronze, it can be used to make weapons and armour, along with all furniture and other objects. Bismuth bronze is 20% more valuable than bronze and three times more valuable than its component parts.


Bismuth bronze is made with the following recipe:

Because of these proportions, bismuth bronze is produced in lots of four bars at a time. While the ores must be smelted normally, only one additional fuel is needed to produce those four bars of bismuth bronze from the four bars noted above at a regular smelter. At a magma smelter, fuel isn't an issue, although the additional time and labor of smelting each ore chunk into bars should still be considered.

Bismuth bronze also provides more weapons-grade metal per tin bar than regular bronze, which may be a consideration if cassiterite is rare on your map.


In real life, bismuth bronze is often used in applications where ordinary bronze would corrode. Unlike in Dwarf Fortress, real bismuth bronze typically does not contain more than 1-3% bismuth by weight, though in some cases, up to 6% bismuth may be used. Bismuth bronze is very corrosion-resistant, much like gold.

Long bismuth bronze bars.