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This article is about the current version of DF.
Note that some content may still need to be updated.

List of announcements.

An announcement is a message displayed at the top left of the game screen used to indicate something important. Major announcements will pause gameplay and center the camera on the event in question, and game-changing ones will both do that and provide a framed message box presenting the event in question. The announcements list (a) lists all game announcements in dated order; some (but not all) can be zoomed to. (may be more confusing than helpful for v50 but leaving it for now -> Announcements are not to be confused with reports, which detail combat results.)

When some major or important game-changing announcements occur, the following icon will appear, accompanied with a wooden ticking-like sound effect:
Alert icon anim.gif

Controlling which announcements pause and recenter[edit]

Main article: announcements.txt

You can control which types of announcements do and don't pause and/or recenter the game in the Announcements tab of Settings or by editing the announcements.txt file.

Announcement Settings[edit]

To change the behavior of announcements via the in game Settings, open Settings, select the Announcements tab. Then you'll need to find the setting of interest (announcements.txt wiki page may be able to help). You'll see the available options for each event includes, Popup, Pause, Recenter, and Alert. That's the functionality you're most likely to want to adjust. For example, if you want an Alert on the left side of the screen for combat strikes and wounds you would scroll down to 'Strike' and 'Wounds' and change the Alert column to 'Yes' - but don't get ambitious and change all the combat events to Alert, you'll regret it! (one at a time is recommended). More information on what each of these options do, including Adv, Fort, Report, and Report (Active) is available on the announcements.txt wiki page (and probably needs to become shared content between these two pages).


To change the behavior of announcements via the announcements.txt file you'll need to adjust the :options for the particular event of interest. An announcement type containing :P will pause when that announcement type is made, and one containing :R will re-center when that announcement type is made. For example,


means that the game will pause and recenter upon the announcement of migrants arriving. You could change it to


to cause the game to recenter on the arriving migrants, but to not pause the game.


  • /init/announcements.txt is for the Default settings
  • /prefs/announcements.txt is for the Current settings


Note: Some of the icons may be incorrect. A question mark placeholder icon is in place of unknown icons. Please update them with the correct ones as soon as possible.

Icon Importance Description
Minor announcements are the simplest and most common announcements, and will flicker through the announcements window very quickly. This is typically used for things that happen a lot in a well-developed fortress.
Announce cancel icon.png Minor Job cancellation with a stated reason (building site submerged, item blocking site, dangerous terrain, needs rough picture jaspers, etc.), followed by a suspension notice if the job is furniture placement or building a construction. The standing orders menu (o) allows you to filter job cancellation spam, between none, some, most, and all (default is some).
Announce weather icon.png Minor Standard changes in weather: "It has started raining," "The weather has cleared," or "A snow storm has arrived." Changes in the season.
Announce birth icon.png Minor Creatures and dwarves (and apparently ghosts as well) growing up and progressing from baby to child to adult. Animals jump straight from babies to adults. A dwarf cancelling a job with the reason of "Seeking infant." may also occur.
Announce masterpiece icon.png Minor The creation of masterpieces. Can get quite annoying in mature fortresses, when the announcements will stack up the products of legendary dwarves.
Announce noble icon.png Minor A location and the surrounding areas have been made a county.
Announce crime icon.png Minor An artifact is not where it was last seen.
Announce crime icon.png Minor Something was stolen.
Announce general icon.png Minor A diplomat could not complete a meeting and left unhappy.
Announce artdeface icon.png Minor A masterpiece quality item has been lost or destroyed.
Announce digging icon.png Minor A new type of stone or ore has been found while digging.
Announce military icon.png Minor Individuals are changing their status because they're in a squad.
Announce labor icon.png Minor Changes in profession, for both civilian and military dwarves. The start of every month is usually marked by rotations within your militia and thus a bevy of messages of this type.
Announce hunting icon.png Minor A dwarf has begun hunting for animals.
Announce death icon.png Minor When an animal is slaughtered, or a tame animal or dwarf is struck down within view of other dwarves.
Announce guzzler icon.png Minor When a creature is guzzling a fortress' alcohol.[Verify]
Announce research icon.png Minor A scholar has discovered discourse on the nature of events.
Announce loseemotion icon.png Minor An individual has lost their emotions.[Verify]
Announce birth icon.png Minor Animals giving birth.
Announce guest icon.png Minor A guest is visiting your fortress.
Announce marriage icon.png Minor Two dwarves have gotten married.
Announce cancel icon.png Minor Dwarves getting spooked by other creatures, and cancelling their jobs.
Announce combat icon.png Minor Combat is taking place, or someone has died in combat.
Announce sparring icon.png Minor Sparring is taking place.
Announce agreement icon.png Minor An agreement or mandate is active.
Announce animal icon.png Minor An animal has been caught in a trap.
Announce animal icon.png Minor An animal has broken free of an animal trap.
Announce animal icon.png Minor An animal has been adopted.
Announce martial icon.png Minor A dwarf is in a martial trance.
Announce noble icon.png Minor Dwarves getting promoted and/or elected to a noble status. Such as baron, count or duke/duchess.
Announce ghost icon.png Minor The raising of a ghost.
Announce death icon.png Minor Putting a dwarf (and their associated ghost) to rest with a memorial slab or a coffin.
Announce death icon.png Minor After one week, a dwarf or tame creature has been missing, or if a dwarf comes across a corpse.
Announce agreement icon.png Minor A work order has been completed.
Announce military icon.png Minor Dwarves growing attached to their weapons or armor.
Announce rumor icon.png Minor A rumor has been passed on to your dwarves.
Announce vermin icon.png Minor A creature is stung by a bee.
Announce agreement icon.png Minor A citizen has become someone's student.
Major announcements are more important than minor announcements, and in addition to playing their message, the game may be paused and zoom to the location of the event. This is used for things that rarely happen, but aren't the most important. A wooden "ticking" sound effect is played for these announcement types.
Placeholder icon.png Major A trained creature going semi-wild (feral), the last stage before becoming wild again.
Announce trade icon.png Major The arrival of a caravan. Best to get ready for thieves and ambushes as well.
Announce trade icon.png Major The arrival of the outpost liaison, although this always happens at the same time as the arrival of the dwarven caravan.
Announce migrant icon.png Major The arrival of migrants.
Announce era icon.png Major A new era has begun.
Announce general icon.png Major Uncovering of a thief. End them quickly!
Announce ambush icon.png Major Uncovering an ambush - very nasty if the dwarf in question is, for instance, just a poor old wood cutter out doing their job.
Announce crime icon.png Major Discovering a gremlin.
Announce crime icon.png Major Someone is caught sneaking around.
Announce digging icon.png Major A section of a cavern has collapsed. This is usually caused by improper digging.
Announce mood icon.png Major A dwarf entering a strange mood, claiming a workshop, setting to work, and either completing a legendary artifact or going insane in the attempt. (Each step gets its own announcement.)
Announce monster icon.png Major "We checked that stone for heat! What devilry is this?!" A single stream of flame will burst out in a random direction, setting someone on fire if it hits them. Only encountered in the deeper layers of the world.
Announce berserk icon.png Major A dwarf has gone berserk. This can happen if the dwarf is undergoing a strange mood, and does not have the required materials to construct an artifact.
Announce monster icon.png Major A bogeyman transforms. Can be seen in the object testing arena.
Announce noble icon.png Major Someone has inherited a position.
Announce noble icon.png Major The arrival of the king or queen.
Announce military icon.png Major A citizen in the military bestowed a name onto a shield or weapon.
Announce monster icon.png Major The arrival of a semi-megabeast.
Announce weather icon.png Major The appearance of a creeping cloud in evil biomes.
Announce death icon.png Major No available food is present. The ability to resolve this can depend on the surroundings around your fortress and what you already have.
Announce general icon.png Major A monarch is satisfied with their position, but feels that there should be more development. We must dig deeper.
Warning: Minor spoilers ahead
Game-changing announcements are among the most important in the game. When these announcements occur, they pause the game, zoom to the location, and present a message box detailing the occurrence, in addition to repeating the message contained therein in the main feed after you close the box, for good measure. These are also reserved for incredibly rare, and potentially once-in-a-playthrough events.
Announce masterpiece icon.png Important The creation of an artifact, whether from a strange mood or from a soldier bestowing a name upon his/her equipment.
Announce digging icon.png Important Discovering a cavern layer or the magma sea
Announce attack icon.png Important The arrival of a siege.
Announce general icon.png Important Your fortress becomes the capital.
Announce monster icon.png Important The arrival of a megabeast, titan, forgotten beast, transformed werebeast, or the undead.
Announce monster icon.png Important The reveal of a Demon, Angel, artifacts or fire in a Unusual volcanic wall
Announce digging icon.png Important Discovering a deep pit, magma pool, or downward passage in a cavern.
Announce digging icon.png Important Discovering adamantine - Praise the miners!
Placeholder icon.png Important Discovering the Underworld.
Announce deitycurse icon.png Important? A deity is disturbed, and lays a curse.
Announce holdings icon.png Important An area has been founded, and is incorporated into your fortress' holdings.