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This article is about the current version of DF.
Note that some content may still need to be updated.


Both the Announcements section of the in game Settings and the announcements.txt file can be used to control the types of announcements are brought to the user's attention in Dwarf Fortress and how they will be displayed in various modes. This can be useful to add alerts for critical combat events, stopping the recentering upon birth events, or reducing the constant chatter of announcements like 'quota filled' or 'someone is visiting'.

The announcements.txt file reflects the in game Settings, Announcements tab. The table below has been updated with the Settings Announcement 'Name' which corresponds to its announcements.txt EVENT_LABEL (slightly less obvious than you may assume in some cases).

Community Awareness - Dwarf Fortress filesystem (/prefs/ vs /data/init/)[edit]


Folder-orange.svg Dwarf Fortress

Folder.svg data

Folder.svg init

Text-x-generic.svg announcements.txt


Folder-orange.svg Dwarf Fortress

Folder.svg prefs

Text-x-generic.svg announcements.txt

Dwarf Fortress supports editing DF/data/init/file to adjust the Default Announcements settings.
Editing the same file in DF/prefs/ will make changes to the Current settings.
This is the standard Dwarf Fortress file system organization.

In later versions (added in v50.10) a new in game Settings section, Announcements, was added which makes this process easier. Though the purpose of each announcement for each can still be a bit obtuse.
SEE #Bugs section below!
The announcements.txt file exists in both locations, be sure to modify the DF/prefs/ version to experience the change to the current settings if you're changing a formerly played install or current game.
This means that to confirm which announcement.txt EVENT_LABEL corresponds to an Announcement 'name' that you can,

  1. Open announcement.txt and identify the EVENT_LABEL you believe to be the right one
  2. Note it's :options
  3. Open Settings while in a game, and make a change to the Announcement 'name' you believe corresponds
  4. Clicking 'Done' and 'Return to game' will update DF/prefs/announcements.txt without exiting the game
  5. Reload announcement.txt and confirm the expected change to the :options of the EVENT_LABEL previously identified



Available options[edit]

Description Notes
Popup BOX or DO_MEGA Causes a box to appear in the middle of the screen, requiring a click on the Okay button to close it. If multiple boxes are displayed at the same time, the button says More and displays the next box. This is often used with game-changing announcements.
Pause P or PAUSE Pauses the game when the announcement occurs.
Recenter R or RECENTER Recenters the game to the location of the announcement when the announcement occurs. Commonly used for births, caravan arrivals, and ambushes. Use of this without the pause option is not recommended, since your screen will recenter without warning.
Adv A_D or A_DISPLAY Causes the announcement to be displayed at the bottom of the screen in adventure mode (and be viewable in the announcements list).
Fort D_D or D_DISPLAY Causes the announcement to appear under one of the categories at the left side of the screen in fortress mode. The default for minor announcements including profession changes, weather, job cancellations, and striking new minerals while mining.
While playing in Fortress mode, enabling/disabling Adv has no impact on your announcement experience.
Report UCR or UNIT_COMBAT_REPORT Causes the announcement to appear in all reports. A new report will be created if none are active. Commonly used for logging combat details.
Report (Active) UCR_A or UNIT_COMBAT_REPORT_ALL_ACTIVE Nearly identical to UNIT_COMBAT_REPORT, but does not create a new report if none are active. There is no difference between having 'Report (Active)/UCR_A' and 'Report/UCR' enabled verse having only 'Report/UCR' enabled. Use Report (Active)/UCR_A for things you want in the combat reports that would be too chatty to always generate a combat report for (Urist Falls down) but don't forget to disable 'Report/UCR' or you won't get the benefit.
Alert ALERT Causes the announcement to appear under the alert button at the left side of the screen in fortress mode.

List of announcements[edit]

Example Description/Notes
Reached peak REACHED_PEAK See calendar
Era change ERA_CHANGE The world has passed into The Dwarven Age.
Endgame event 1 ENDGAME_EVENT_1 Discovery of the HFS
Endgame event 1B ENDGAME_EVENT_1B
Endgame event 2 ENDGAME_EVENT_2
Found a feature FEATURE_DISCOVERY You have discovered an expansive cavern deep underground. Discovery of caverns and their various features
Praise the miners STRUCK_DEEP_METAL Raw adamantine! Praise the miners! Striking adamantine
Struck mineral STRUCK_MINERAL You have struck mica! Striking a mineral while mining
Struck economic mineral STRUCK_ECONOMIC_MINERAL You have struck hematite!
Weapon twist COMBAT_TWIST_WEAPON Used in combat, most often in adventure mode (also in the arena)
Charge COMBAT_START_CHARGE The Swordsdwarf charges at The Wolf!
Surprised COMBAT_SURPRISE_CHARGE The Wolf looks suprised by the ferocity of The Swordsdwarf's onslaught!
Jump-dodge (proj) COMBAT_JUMP_DODGE_PROJ The Wolf jumps away from the flying +bronze bolt+!
Jump-dodge (strike) COMBAT_JUMP_DODGE_STRIKE
(Charge) Collision COMBAT_CHARGE_COLLISION The Swordsdwarf collides with The Wolf!
(Charge) (D) Tumble COMBAT_CHARGE_DEFENDER_TUMBLES The Wolf is knocked over and tumbles backwards!
(Charge) (D) Knocked over COMBAT_CHARGE_DEFENDER_KNOCKED_OVER The Wolf is knocked over!
(Charge) (A) Knocked over COMBAT_CHARGE_ATTACKER_BOUNCE_BACK The Swordsdwarf bounces backwards!
(Charge) Tangle/tumble COMBAT_CHARGE_TANGLE_TUMBLE They tangle together and tumble forward!
(Wrestle) Joint lock COMBAT_WRESTLE_LOCK
(Wrestle) Takedown COMBAT_WRESTLE_TAKEDOWN The Swordsdwarf takes The Wolf down by the neck with The Swordsdwarf's right lower arm!
(Wrestle) Throw COMBAT_WRESTLE_THROW The Swordsdwarf throws The Wolf by the neck with The Swordsdwarf's right lower arm!
(Wrestle) Part ripped away COMBAT_GRAB_TEAR
(Combat) Enraged COMBAT_EVENT_ENRAGED The Wolf has become enraged!
(Combat) Attack stuck in COMBAT_EVENT_STUCKIN The *bronze spear* has lodged firmly in the wound!
(Combat) Natural attack latched COMBAT_EVENT_LATCH_BP
(Combat) Attack latched COMBAT_EVENT_LATCH_GENERAL The Wolf latches on firmly!
(Combat) Propelling blow COMBAT_EVENT_PROPELLED_AWAY The Wolf is propelled away by the force of the blow!
(Combat) Knocked out COMBAT_EVENT_KNOCKED_OUT The Wolf has been knocked unconscious!
(Combat) Stunned COMBAT_EVENT_STUNNED The Wolf has been stunned!
(Combat) Winded COMBAT_EVENT_WINDED The Wolf is having trouble breathing!
(Combat) Nauseated COMBAT_EVENT_NAUSEATED The Wolf looks sick!
MIGRANT_ARRIVAL The arrival of migrants
Dig canceled (warm) DIG_CANCEL_WARM Digging designation cancelled: warm stone located. The cancellation of a mining task due to potentially dangerous stone.
Dig canceled (wet) DIG_CANCEL_DAMP Digging designation cancelled: damp stone located.
Regular beast BEAST_AMBUSH
AMBUSH_DEFENDER Discovering an ambush
Ambush (resident) AMBUSH_RESIDENT
Thief (villain) AMBUSH_HERO
Ambush (thief) AMBUSH_THIEF Thief! Protect the hoard from skulking filth!
Ambush (thief, nature) AMBUSH_THIEF_SUPPORT_NATURE
Ambush (thief, other) AMBUSH_THIEF_SUPPORT
Gremlin AMBUSH_MISCHIEVOUS A gremlin! Drive it away!
Snatcher AMBUSH_SNATCHER Snatcher! Protect the children!
Ambush (injured creature) AMBUSH_INJURED
Ambush (uninjured creature) AMBUSH_OTHER
Ambush (incapacitated creature) AMBUSH_INCAPACITATED
Caravan CARAVAN_ARRIVAL A caravan from Sarvesh Langgud has arrived. Arrival of a caravan
Noble NOBLE_ARRIVAL Arrival of a noble
Migrants D_MIGRANTS_ARRIVAL Some migrants have arrived. Arrival of a migrant wave
Migrant (one) D_MIGRANT_ARRIVAL A migrant has arrived.
Migrants (danger) D_MIGRANT_ARRIVAL_DISCOURAGED Some migrants have arrived, despite the danger.
No migrants D_NO_MIGRANT_ARRIVAL The fortress attracted no migrants this season. The failure of migrants to show up in Fortress mode
Animal trapped ANIMAL_TRAP_CATCH A vermin was caught in an animal trap
Animal trap robbed ANIMAL_TRAP_ROBBED Failure to catch a vermin
Gremlin pulled lever MISCHIEF_LEVER Fun caused by a certain mischievous creature
Gremlin triggered plate MISCHIEF_PLATE
Gremlin opened cage MISCHIEF_CAGE Something has emptied in a cage!
Gremlin unshackled something MISCHIEF_CHAIN
Diplomat DIPLOMAT_ARRIVAL Arrival of a diplomat
Liaison LIAISON_ARRIVAL The outpost liaison Tun Unnostobul from Sarvesh Langgud has arrived. Arrival of an outpost liaison
Cave-in CAVE_COLLAPSE A section of the cavern has collapsed!
Citizen birth BIRTH_CITIZEN Fath Ikudäs, Miner has given birth to a girl.
Animal birth BIRTH_ANIMAL Stray Dog (Tame) has given birth to puppies.
Wild animal gave birth BIRTH_WILD_ANIMAL
Strange mood STRANGE_MOOD Zon Urabasub, Metalcrafter is taken by a fey mood!

Logem Stinthdkithn, Bowyer has been possessed!

Artifact made MADE_ARTIFACT Zon Urabasub, Metalcrafter has created Lonsust Stato, a platinum amulet!
Item given name NAMED_ARTIFACT Urdim Arbanerib, Mace Lord has bestowed the name Ostar Kinem upon a iron buckler! A soldier named their equipment.
Attachment to item ITEM_ATTACHMENT Kirkrost Inethnosig, mayor has grown attached to a steel crossbow!
Vermin escaped from cage VERMIN_CAGE_ESCAPE A vermin escapes from a cage/animal trap
Entangled in hidden web TRIGGER_WEB
(Strange mood) Building claimed MOOD_BUILDING_CLAIMED Zon Urabasub, Metalcrafter has claimed a Metalsmith's Forge. A moody dwarf has claimed a workshop
Artifact construction begun ARTIFACT_BEGUN Zon Urabasub, Metalcrafter has begun a mysterious construction! A dwarf has begun construction of an artifact
Megabeast MEGABEAST_ARRIVAL The Forgotten Beast Smespu has come! An enormous hairy ceratopsoid. It has an enormous shell and it is slavering. Its sea green hair is patchy. Beware its deadly dust! Arrival of a megabeast
Werebeast WEREBEAST_ARRIVAL The Werepanda Onget Râlukerib has come! A large panda twisted into humanoid form. It is crazed for blood and flesh. Its eyes glow spring green. Its sepia hair is long and straight. Now you will know why you fear the night. Arrival of a werebeast
Berserk BERSERK_CITIZEN Lòr Eralamug, Weaponsmith has gone berserk! A citizen has gone berserk
Magma defaces engraving MAGMA_DEFACES_ENGRAVING An engraving has melted in magma
Engraving melted ENGRAVING_MELTS
Masterwork architecture lost MASTER_ARCHITECTURE_LOST A masterpiece building has been destroyed
Masterwork construction lost MASTER_CONSTRUCTION_LOST
(Adventure) Awaken ADV_AWAKEN Related to adventure mode
(Adventure) Sleep interrupted ADV_SLEEP_INTERRUPTED
(Adventure) Made item ADV_REACTION_PRODUCTS
Job cancellation CANCEL_JOB Sibrek ùshrireshon, Mechanic cancels Load Cage Trap: Needs empty cage.
(Adventure) Death ADV_CREATURE_DEATH The Wolf has been struck down.
Citizen death CITIZEN_DEATH Lòr Eralamug, Weaponsmith has been found dead. Death of a citizen in fortress mode
Pet death PET_DEATH The Stray Boar (Tame) has been slaughtered. The death of a pet, causing a negative thought for its owner Also used when a butcher slaughters unadopted livestock
Fall over FALL_OVER The Wolf falls over.
Caught in flame CAUGHT_IN_FLAMES The Swordsdwarf is caught in a burst of forgotten beast flames! Also used when a creature is caught in poison gas/vapors or cave-in dust.
Caught in web CAUGHT_IN_WEB The Wolf is caught up in a web!
Slam into obstacle (blow apart) UNIT_PROJECTILE_SLAM_BLOW_APART The Wolf slams into an obstacle and blows apart!
Slam into obstacle UNIT_PROJECTILE_SLAM The Wolf slams into an obstacle!
Slam into unit UNIT_PROJECTILE_SLAM_INTO_UNIT The Wolf slams into the Wolf!
Vomit VOMIT The Wolf vomits.
Lose hold of item LOSE_HOLD_OF_ITEM The Goblin Bowman loses the hold of the (bismuth bronze bow).
Regain consciousness REGAIN_CONSCIOUSNESS The Wolf regains consciousness.
Free from web FREE_FROM_WEB The Wolf is partially free from the web.
Paralyzed PARALYZED The Wolf is completely paralyzed!
Overcome paralysis OVERCOME_PARALYSIS A creature is no longer paralyzed
No longer stunned NOT_STUNNED The Wolf is no longer stunned. A creature is no longer stunned
Exhausted EXHAUSTION Exhaustion
Give into pain PAIN_KO The Wolf gives in to pain.
(Wrestling) Break grip BREAK_GRIP The Swordsdwarf breaks the grip of the Wolf's teeth on the Swordsdwarf's left upper arm.
(Wrestling) Cannot break grip NO_BREAK_GRIP The Swordsdwarf struggles in vain against the grip of the Wolf's teeth on the Swordsdwarf's left upper arm.
Block fire BLOCK_FIRE Blocking a fire attack
Breathe fire BREATHE_FIRE The Fire Imp breathes fire! A creature breathes fire
Shoot web SHOOT_WEB The Giant Cave Spider shoots out thick strands of webbing!
Pull out and drop item PULL_OUT_DROP
Stand up STAND_UP The Wolf stands up.
Martial trance MARTIAL_TRANCE Mörul Bardumoslan, Hammerdwarf has entered a martial trance!
Breath attack MAT_BREATH The Forgotten Beast breathes a cloud of Mirgur Sealhorse the Infinite Shadows's forgotten beast extract!
(Adventure) Night Creature Attack NIGHT_ATTACK_STARTS You are surrounded by incessant cackling. Bogeymen attack
(Adventure) Cackling fades NIGHT_ATTACK_ENDS The cackling fades away.
NIGHT_ATTACK_TRAVEL You are still surrounded by cackling.
Ghost attack GHOST_ATTACK Lòr Eralamug, Ghostly Weaponsmith has arisen and is haunting the fortress!
Discovered site TRAVEL_SITE_DISCOVERY You have discovered a lair.
Cannot travel through site TRAVEL_SITE_BUMP You cannot travel through the Lair.
Intro ADVENTURE_INTRO You've finally got your equipment together, such as it is. Now it's time for action and adventure! In the rush of excitement, you've forgotten where you're going to go. Perhaps some of your friends might have ideas. Beginning adventure mode
Creature sound CREATURE_SOUND The capybara barks.
Mechanism sounds MECHANISM_SOUND
Creature stolen object CREATURE_STEALS_OBJECT A gray langur has stolen a -giant bat bone amulet-!
Found trap FOUND_TRAP Discovery of a trap in adventure mode
Transformation BODY_TRANSFORMATION Iden Ustuthod, Fisherdwarf has transformed into a wereskink!
Interaction (user) INTERACTION_ACTOR See Interaction token#VERB
Interaction (target) INTERACTION_TARGET See Interaction token#TARGET_VERB
Undead attack UNDEAD_ATTACK The dead walk. Hide while you still can! Arrival of a horde of undead.
Citizen missing CITIZEN_MISSING Lòr Eralamug, Weaponsmith has been missing for a week.
Pet missing PET_MISSING A pet has gone missing
Weird weather STRANGE_RAIN_SNOW It is raining rotten sludge! The appearance of unusual weather
Evil cloud STRANGE_CLOUD A cloud of haunting fog has drifted nearby!
Flounder in water FLOUNDER_IN_LIQUID You flounder in the water!
Semi-wild TRAINING_DOWN_TO_SEMI_WILD The Stray war Cave Dragon (Semi-Wild) has forgotten its training! A trained animal has reverted to a semi-wild state (Fortress mode). If the animal is not trained properly, it will become wild and possibly attack your dwarves.
Full reversion TRAINING_FULL_REVERSION The war Cave Dragon has reverted to a wild state! An animal has reverted to a wild state (follows the previous announcement)
Gained knowledge ANIMAL_TRAINING_KNOWLEDGE The dwarves of the Monastery of Tin are now quite knowledgable cave dragon trainers. See Animal trainer
Skipped on liquid SKIP_ON_LIQUID
Dodge projectile DODGE_FLYING_OBJECT Dodging a shot arrow
Conversation REGULAR_CONVERSATION Caspa Linkon, Human Swordsman: I must pray to Uspram Boldyell the Contest of Stability. I'm uneasy.
Conversation (conflict) CONFLICT_CONVERSATION Caspa Linkon, Human Swordsman: This is my fight too. I will take revenge!
Hit by ball of flames FLAME_HIT
Bandit empties container BANDIT_EMPTY_CONTAINER
Bandit grabs item BANDIT_GRAB_ITEM
Attack interrupted COMBAT_EVENT_ATTACK_INTERRUPTED The Wolf's attack is interrupted! Wrestling interrupts opponent's attack
Fail to grab hold FAIL_TO_GRAB_SURFACE Failing to grab a tile
Lose hold of surface LOSE_HOLD_OF_SURFACE Losing hold of a surface while climbing
Travel complaint TRAVEL_COMPLAINT
No longer overwhelmed LOSE_EMOTION
Reorganize possessions REORGANIZE_POSSESSIONS The Human Pikeman reorganizes his possessions.
Push item PUSH_ITEM
Draw item DRAW_ITEM
Strap item STRAP_ITEM
Gained site control GAIN_SITE_CONTROL You are now in control of Tanfield, ruling The Ignition of Churches from The Holy Saturninity.
Citizen overwhelmed by stress STRESSED_CITIZEN Lòr Eralamug, Weaponsmith is stumbling obliviously!
Citizen lost to stress CITIZEN_LOST_TO_STRESS Lòr Eralamug, Weaponsmith has gone stark raving mad!
Tantrum CITIZEN_TANTRUM Lòr Eralamug, Weaponsmith is throwing a tantrum!
Enemy moved out of range MOVED_OUT_OF_RANGE The Wolf has moved out of range! An attacked creature has moved out of range
Cannot jump CANNOT_JUMP You cannot jump while prone.
No tracks NO_TRACKS
Already searched ALREADY_SEARCHED_AREA You've already searched this area recently.
Search found something SEARCH_FOUND_SOMETHING
Search found nothing SEARCH_FOUND_NOTHING Your intense search turns up nothing.
Nothing to interact NOTHING_TO_INTERACT You have nothing with which to interact.
Nothing to examine NOTHING_TO_EXAMINE You have nothing to examine.
You yield YOU_YIELDED You assume a submissive posture. Yielding in adventure mode
You unyield YOU_UNYIELDED You no longer assume a submissive posture.
You strap item YOU_STRAP_ITEM You strap the steel short sword to your Upper body.
You draw YOU_DRAW_ITEM You draw the steel short sword with your Right hand.
No grasp to draw NO_GRASP_TO_DRAW_ITEM You do not have a free grasp for the steel short sword.
No item to strap NO_ITEM_TO_STRAP You have nothing left to draw or put away.
No item to remove NO_INV_TO_REMOVE You have nothing left to remove.
No item to wear NO_INV_TO_WEAR You have nothing left to wear.
No item to eat NO_INV_TO_EAT You have nothing left to eat or drink.
No item to contain NO_INV_TO_CONTAIN You have nothing to put inside a container.
No item to drop NO_INV_TO_DROP You have nothing left to drop.
No item to pick up NOTHING_TO_PICK_UP There is nothing to pick up here.
No item to throw NO_INV_TO_THROW You have nothing left to throw.
No item to throw NO_INV_TO_FIRE You have nothing left to fire.
Check smells CURRENT_SMELL Smelling in adventure mode
Check weather CURRENT_WEATHER The sky is clear above you. Checking weather in adventure mode
Check temperature CURRENT_TEMPERATURE Checking temperature in adventure mode
Check date CURRENT_DATE It is the 14th of Granite, 250. Checking time in adventure mode
No hands to pick up NO_GRASP_FOR_PICKUP You do not have a free grasp.
Cannot climb CANNOT_CLIMB You are unable to climb
Cannot stand CANNOT_STAND You are unable to stand up
Must unretract first MUST_UNRETRACT_FIRST You must unroll.
Cannot rest CANNOT_REST
Cannot make campfire CANNOT_MAKE_CAMPFIRE
Made a campfire MADE_CAMPFIRE You make a campfire
Cannot set a fire CANNOT_SET_FIRE
Set fire SET_FIRE You set a fire
Break of dawn DAWN_BREAKS The dawn is breaking. Change of the time of day
Nightfall NIGHTFALL The night is falling.
Nothing to do with item NO_INV_INTERACTION
Empty a container EMPTY_CONTAINER You empty your giant moon snail leather backpack. Emptying a container in adventure mode
Take out of a container TAKE_OUT_OF_CONTAINER Taking an item out of container in adventure mode
No container to insert item NO_CONTAINER_FOR_ITEM You don't have a suitable container.
Put into container PUT_INTO_CONTAINER
Eat EAT_ITEM You eat an item
Drink DRINK_ITEM You drink an item
Failed to eat/drink CONSUME_FAILURE You lick an item
Drop DROP_ITEM You drop an item
Pick up PICK_UP_ITEM You pick up an item
You interact with building YOU_BUILDING_INTERACTION Interaction with a building in adventure mode
You interact with item YOU_ITEM_INTERACTION Interaction with an item in adventure mode
You feel hot/cold YOU_TEMPERATURE_EFFECTS You are melting!
(Combat) Gain/lose possession of item RESOLVE_SHARED_ITEMS
Cough blood COUGH_BLOOD Coughing blood
Vomit blood VOMIT_BLOOD Vomiting blood
Learned a power POWER_LEARNED Learning a new power
You feed on victim YOU_FEED_ON_SUCKEE Sucking blood
Profession change PROFESSION_CHANGES Changing a profession
Recruit gains skill RECRUIT_PROMOTED
Soldier becomes a master SOLDIER_BECOMES_MASTER A soldier has mastered a weapon skill
Merchants unloading MERCHANTS_UNLOADING The merchants from Sarvesh Langgud have arrived and are unloading their goods.
Merchants need depot MERCHANTS_NEED_DEPOT The merchants need a trade depot to unload their goods.
Wagons bypassed inaccessible site MERCHANT_WAGONS_BYPASSED The merchants' wagons have bypassed the site
Merchants leaving soon MERCHANTS_LEAVING_SOON The merchants from Sarvesh Langgud will be leaving soon.
Merchants leaving now MERCHANTS_EMBARKED The merchants from Sarvesh Langgud have embarked on their journey.
Pet loses dead owner PET_LOSES_DEAD_OWNER
Pet adopts owner PET_ADOPTS_OWNER
Vermin bite VERMIN_BITE The Stray Cow (Tame) has been stung by a honey bee! A vermin bites/stings a creature
Unable to complete building UNABLE_TO_COMPLETE_BUILDING The dwarves were unable to complete the Wall.
Job removed from unpowered building JOBS_REMOVED_FROM_UNPOWERED_BUILDING
Citizen kidnapped CITIZEN_SNATCHED A kidnapper has made off with the Dwarven child Ustuth Therlethendok!
Vermin disturbed VERMIN_DISTURBED
Land gains a status LAND_GAINS_STATUS
Land's status elevated LAND_ELEVATED_STATUS
Masterpiece crafted MASTERPIECE_CRAFTED Fikod Razulban has created a masterpiece ☼Juwog Minedscratch's forgotten beast silk cloth☼
Masterpiece defaced ARTWORK_DEFACED A foolish builder defaced a Edëm Stinzas! A masterwork was destroyed
Animal trained ANIMAL_TRAINED An animal has become a Stray war Dog.
Masterful dye DYED_MASTERPIECE An item has been masterfully dyed
Masterwork food COOKED_MASTERPIECE Atír Sigunzlir has cooked a masterful meal! Cooking a masterful meal
Mandate ends MANDATE_ENDS Medtob Aludineth, mayor has ended a mandate. A noble ended a mandate
Diplomat bids farewell FAREWELL_HELPER
Site located SITE_PRESENT A site already exists at the location you are trying to embark to
Construction suspended CONSTRUCTION_SUSPENDED Construction of a building was suspended
Machine link suspended LINKAGE_SUSPENDED
Work order completed QUOTA_FILLED A work order was completed
Job overwritten JOB_OVERWRITTEN
No fish to catch NOTHING_TO_CATCH_IN_WATER There is nothing to catch in the river.
Demand forgotten DEMAND_FORGOTTEN
New demand NEW_DEMAND
New mandate NEW_MANDATE Medtob Aludineth, mayor has imposed a ban on certain exports.
Local resident creature named NAMED_RESIDENT_CREATURE
Somebody grows up SOMEBODY_GROWS_UP Somebody has grown up
Citizen becomes soldier CITIZEN_BECOMES_SOLDIER Shown when dwarves assume soldier role, for standing orders or direct orders
Citizen becomes civilian CITIZEN_BECOMES_NONSOLDIER Shown when soldier dwarves no longer have active military orders, and return to civilian life
Party organized PARTY_ORGANIZED
Trantrum (possessed by ghost) POSSESSED_TANTRUM A dwarf possessed by a ghost is throwing a tantrum
Building toppled by ghost BUILDING_TOPPLED_BY_GHOST A building was toppled by a ghost
Masterwork improvement MASTERFUL_IMPROVEMENT An item has been masterfully decorated
Masterwork engraving MASTERPIECE_ENGRAVING A masterpiece engraving was created
Beast guzzles drink CURIOUS_GUZZLER An animal drank stockpiled booze
Clear weather WEATHER_BECOMES_CLEAR The weather has cleared.
Snow WEATHER_BECOMES_SNOW A snow storm has come.
Rain WEATHER_BECOMES_RAIN It has started raining.
Wet season SEASON_WET
Dry season SEASON_DRY
Spring SEASON_SPRING Spring has arrived! Change of a season
Summer SEASON_SUMMER It is now summer.
Autumn SEASON_AUTUMN Autumn has come.
Winter SEASON_WINTER Winter is here.
Guest arrives GUEST_ARRIVAL Vusdom Ilerane, Human Spearman is visiting. Arrival of visitors, and also squads returning from missions.
You cannot speak CANNOT_SPEAK A troglodyte cannot speak. When playing adventure mode as a creature that doesn't speak.
Research breakthrough RESEARCH_BREAKTHROUGH
Your order delivered SERVICE_ORDER_DELIVERY
Begin activity BEGIN_ACTIVITY
Activity ongoing MIDDLE_OF_ACTIVITY
Activity section change ACTIVITY_SECTION_CHANGE
Learned written content LEARNED_WRITTEN_CONTENT
Learned art form LEARNED_ART_FORM
Performance quality PERFORMER_UPDATE
Building destroyed/toppled BUILDING_DESTROYED_OR_TOPPLED A creature destroyed a building
Cursed by deity DEITY_CURSE Being cursed by a deity
Composition complete COMPOSITION_COMPLETE
Composition failed COMPOSITION_FAILED
New apprenticeship NEW_APPRENTICESHIP
Petition ignored PETITION_IGNORED The petition of Vusdom Ilerane, Human Spearman has been ignored.
Cannot chop tree CANNOT_CHOP_TREE You cannot fell trees in the arena.
Tree chopped CHOP_TREE Chopping trees in adventure mode
You cannot construct here CANNOT_CONSTRUCT You cannot construct at this site.
Rumor spread by citizen RUMOR_SPREAD
Visitor shared rumor(s) SERVICE_ORDER_RUMOR_RECEIVED
Returning soldiers bring rumor(s) RETURNING_RUMOR_RECEIVED
New site founded nearby NEW_HOLDING
Nearby site linked economically NEW_MARKET_LINK
You given emergency tactical control EMERGENCY_TACTICAL_CONTROL
Agreement satisfied AGREEMENT_SATISFIED
Priesthood needs recognized AGREEMENT_WARNING
Agreement abandoned AGREEMENT_ABANDONED
Guild founded NEW_GUILD
Witnessed item handoff CRIME_WITNESS_HANDOFF
Witnessed item stolen CRIME_WITNESS_STOLEN
Witnessed item has been moved CRIME_WITNESS_ITEM_MOVED
Witnessed item missing CRIME_WITNESS_ITEM_MISSING
You cannot mount CANNOT_MOUNT
You failed to mount FAILED_MOUNT
You failed to dismount FAILED_DISMOUNT
Diplomat left unhappy DIPLOMAT_LEFT_UNHAPPY
Monarch arrived MONARCH_ARRIVAL
Monarch arrived early HASTY_MONARCH
Satisfied monarch SATISFIED_MONARCH The queen Fikod Rîsennikot is satisfied with their position here. Everything is properly royal, properly furnished. And yet? A true Mountainhome must have a true throne! And a true ruler requires seven symbols, symbols not of this world. Mere steel will not suffice. Deeper. We must dig deeper.
Mountainhome achieved MOUNTAINHOME You have acquired the status of mountainhome, the new dwarven capital


  • Removing an :option from DF/prefs/announcements.txt will not disable that option if it is enabled by DF/data/init/announcements.txt
    • Workaround - remove the option from both DF/prefs/announcements.txt and DF/data/init/announcements.txt

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