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Suspending a task prevents dwarves from working on the task but does not remove the order. Suspension of tasks can occur either on purpose, through the q menu's suspend command, or can happen when dwarves are frightened away from a task like building a wall. Suspended tasks are marked with a red S.

Uses for deliberate suspension[edit]

  • Adding suspended tasks to workshop queues prevents new tasks from being added by the manager. This is especially useful when workshops are assigned to specific dwarves.
  • As an example: A fortress is in dire need of cabinets to corral the hundreds of mittens floating through every hallway like autumn leaves. There are six mason's workshops, all producing blocks for some dwarvenly purpose. One of the masons is Legendary, producing masterpiece furniture with careless abandon. The other five are Accomplished Blowgunners that were immediately put to work as Dabbling Masons.
By assigning a workshop to the legendary mason specifically, and adding nine suspended tasks to each of the other workshops in addition to a Rock Blocks (R) order, orders placed through the manager will have nowhere to be assigned but the legendary dwarf's workshop. The bevy of crappy masons will keep producing blocks, and wonderful furniture will be produced in droves without constant oversight.
Alternatively, you can queue ten block construction tasks set to repeat in the mason shops.