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This article is about an older version of DF.

How "big" the creature is. Size determines what kind of equipment a creature can wear, how much damage they can absorb, and how much damage they can inflict in melee. A butchered creature gives a number of chunks, meat and bones equal to the creature's size.

Any creature whose size is greater than 10 is immune to the effects of the dwarven atom smasher.

Creature Size
Fox, Groundhog, Hoary marmot, Raccoon, Stingray 2
Bilou, Black-crested gibbon, Black-handed gibbon, Bluefish, Carp, Cat, Cod, Dark gnome, Fire imp, Gray gibbon, Milkfish, Mountain gnome, Pileated gibbon, Rhesus macaque, Sea lamprey, Silvery gibbon, Spiny dogfish, Tigerfish, White-browed gibbon, White-handed gibbon 3
Antman, Batman, Cave swallowman, Gazelle, Gremlin, Large rat, Naked mole dog, Ratman, Siamang 4
Bonobo, Cheetah, Chimpanzee, Deer, Dog, Frogman, Ice wolf, Kobold, Leechman, Longnose gar, Mandrill, Mountain goat, Olmman, Pike, Slugman, Snailman, Warthog, Wolf 5
Angelshark, Centaur, Chimera, Coelacanth, Dwarf, Frill shark, Giant mole, Great barracuda, Griffon, Goblin, Harpy, Leopard, Lizardman, Merperson, Opah, Snakeman, Strangler, Troglodyte 6
Beak dog, Blacktip reef shark, Conger eel, Cougar, Donkey, Elf, Elk, Fire man, Foul blendec, Grimeling, Human, Iron man, Jaguar, Magma man, Mud man, Orangutan, Satyr, Spotted wobbegong, Tigerman, Whitetip reef shark, Wizard 7
Black bear, Common skate, Giant cave swallow, Giant cheetah, Giant rat, Gorilla, Lion, Mule, Nightwing, Tiger, Werewolf 8
Alligator, Blizzard man, Cow, Giant grouper, Giant leopard, Grizzly bear, Halibut, Horse, Longfin mako shark, Minotaur, Muskox, Nurse shark, Ogre, Sasquatch, Shortfin mako shark, Troll, Unicorn 9
Cave crocodile, Giant bat, Giant cave spider, Giant desert scorpion, Giant eagle, Giant jaguar, Giant olm, Giant toad, One-humped camel, Polar bear, Saltwater crocodile, Sturgeon, Two-humped camel, Walrus 10
Bluefin tuna, Bull shark, Giant lion, Giant tiger, Marlin, Treant 11
Blue shark, Ettin, Hammerhead shark, Hippo, Manta ray, Ocean sunfish, Swordfish, Wagon 12
Great white shark, Tiger shark 13
Cyclops, Elephant, Giant, Sea monster, Sea serpent, Whale 16
Basking shark 18
Bronze colossus, Dragon, Hydra, Titan, Whale shark 20