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DF2014:Dwarf cancels task: Job item lost or destroyed

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This article is about an older version of DF.

A dwarf whose tasked item is no longer in the same tile as when his job was assigned will cancel the job with this message. Often the "missing" item will be a scant few tiles away, and the job can be reissued referencing its new location. Occasionally, the item will have actually been destroyed (possibly as the result of a cave-in or atom smashing).

While dwarves will not directly move tasked items, they may indirectly move them (such as by channeling out the floor underneath the item, disassembling a building containing the item, or removing the construction beneath the item). Items may also be moved by natural forces such as cave-ins and flowing liquids, or by one of the many thieving creatures in Dwarf Fortress.

This error may also occur if the tasked item changes state--such as a raw hide becoming rotten, or an ice boulder melting.