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Chief medical dwarf

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Chief Medical Dwarf
Room requirements  
Office None
Quarters None
Dining room None
Tomb None
Furniture requirements
Chests None
Cabinets None
Weapon racks None
Armor stands None
Mandates None
Demands None
Arrival conditions

Appointed on the nobles screen.


Enable use of a hospital.

The chief medical dwarf is an appointed noble position in charge of the healthcare of the fortress. They are in charge of the hospital, which cannot function without this position assigned.

The only relevant skill for the position is diagnostician, though it is not actually necessary for a dwarf to have any medical skills to be appointed to this position, or even for them to have the diagnosis labor enabled, though one may be inclined to turn their chief medical dwarf into a doctor for practicality's sake.


  • For more tips on healthcare, see healthcare.
  • The Noble position has no requirements or quirks.
  • Contrary to what the name suggests, citizens of any race can be appointed to the position of chief medical dwarf.
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