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This category contains pages about an older version of DF.
Assorted shells

A Shell is a hard external covering used by certain creatures for defense. Shells can be obtained by capturing or killing shell-bearing creatures and processing them at a fishery (or in rare cases, a butcher's shop). Examples of shelled vermin critters are turtles, oysters and mussels; larger shelled creatures include giant snails and some forgotten beasts. Shells currently cannot be acquired via trading -- turtles, crustaceans and shellfish purchased from traders have already been processed and had their shells removed.

Shells can be stored in a refuse stockpile, but stored shells may disappear due to vermin such as rats. Shells can be used for crafts and decorations at a craftsdwarf's workshop using the bone carver skill. Shells may occasionally be requested by a moody dwarf, so it is best to keep a few on hand just in case.