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This article is about an older version of DF.

Throwing is a skill used primarily in Adventurer mode. The thrower skill determines the accuracy and damage of thrown objects. Note that any object can and will cause serious damage when thrown, including socks, roaches, and even vomit.

Throwing in Fortress Mode[edit]

In Fortress Mode a dwarf who is tantruming may pick up and throw an object. Doing so gives the dwarf experience towards throwing. Otherwise, dwarves will never use throwing in Fortress Mode.

Throwing in Adventure Mode[edit]

A funny example of overpowered throwing. This picture comes from version, but it's still accurate.

In Adventure mode throwing is an excellent way to roll the dice before close-combat, essentially giving the chance for the opponent's vital organs or extremities to be damaged (plus any bonus that may come with the damage - for example, sightless monsters or weaponless guards). Furthermore, anything can be used as a weapon. small rocks and vomit have been witnessed colliding with opponents with devastating results (two or three handfuls of vomit can take down a wolf, for example).

At the moment, an excellent way to level up your throwing skill is to collect many items and throw them directly under you. This, combined with an endless supply of vomit or small rocks, can increase your warrior's attributes and your throwing skill to Legendary in about ten minutes.

Most things you throw will do bludgeoning damage, however there are some items that you can throw that do different kinds of damage. Although it's not as effective as using a bow/crossbow, you can throw arrows and bolts and it will do piercing damage (and, as an added bonus, you will be able to pick up the ammunition afterwards). You can also throw things like swords and axes and they'll do slashing damage.

Due to a bug, however, high Thrower skill levels cause a drastic reduction in accuracy, making the skill nearly useless beyond short range.