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Skill: Ambusher
Profession Trapper
Labor Hunting
  • Hunt
This article is about an older version of DF.

Dwarves with the hunting labor enabled automatically use the ambusher skill while hunting outside of the fortress, which allows them to sneak up on their prey. Dwarves using the ambush skill move more slowly, but cannot be seen by enemies. Once close enough, the ambusher skill is no longer relevant, and the hunter will engage in standard combat with their prey using whatever weapon they are carrying. If a hunter carries no weapon, they will wrestle their prey.

Adventurer mode[edit]

In adventurer mode, ambusher skill is gained by moving around while Sneaking. This will greatly reduce your speed just as it does in dwarf mode, but will cause hostile creatures to not attack you. Until you unSneak or someone spots you, you will gain a small amount of experience in ambushing with every step. Presently, smashing a creature's skull in with your bare hands does not count as being spotted, so the best way to tell if you're still sneaking is to check your speed in the bottom right of the screen (unless you have reached Legendary skill, at which point there is no speed penalty). Ambusher also helps prevent encounters from enemies while traveling on the world map.[Verify]

Free equipment[edit]

Any dwarf given Ambusher skill at Novice level or better before embarking will get a free set of leather armor (leather armor, leather leggings, leather low or high[Verify] boots, and leather helm[Verify] or iron cap), an iron crossbow, and a quiver with 30-40 iron bolts. All of these items will be of ordinary quality.

This equipment will only be given if ambusher is the dwarf's highest skill; a Proficient Ambusher/Proficient Cook will have farmer as a profession, and will not receive any equipment. However, ambushers with other trapper skills, even ones higher than their ambusher skill, will still receive this equipment, as will ambushers with military skills at any level. (Separately, military skills will not influence what equipment is given: speardwarves will arrive at the site carrying nothing, and speardwarf/ambushers will arrive with the crossbow given to all ambushers. Armor user and shield user have no effect either.)

Any immigrating trappers with ambusher skill will also receive this equipment.