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23a:Material token

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This article is about an older version of DF.
You may be looking for Matgloss tokens.

These tokens are types of materials, used to specify for example what material an item is made of. Unless noted otherwise, the material subtype should be NO_MATGLOSS or NO_RACEGLOSS.

# Token Information
0 WOOD Wood - Subtypes come from MATGLOSS_WOOD; or USE_RACEGLOSS within creature raws (e.g. ITEMCORPSE)
1 STONE_GRAY Gray stone - Subtypes come from MATGLOSS_STONE
2 STONE_LIGHT Light stone - Subtypes come from MATGLOSS_STONE
3 STONE_DARK Dark stone - Subtypes come from MATGLOSS_STONE; or USE_SHARPSTONE
4 GOLD Gold
5 IRON Iron
6 SILVER Silver
7 COPPER Copper
8 GEM_ORNAMENTAL Ornamental gem - Subtypes come from MATGLOSS_GEM
9 GEM_SEMI Semi-precious gem - Subtypes come from MATGLOSS_GEM
10 GEM_PRECIOUS Precious gem - Subtypes come from MATGLOSS_GEM
11 GEM_RARE Rare gem - Subtypes come from MATGLOSS_GEM
12 BONE Bone - Subtypes come from CREATURE
13 IVORY Ivory - Subtypes come from CREATURE
14 JADE Jade
15 HORN Horn - Subtypes come from CREATURE
16 AMBER Amber
17 CORAL Coral
18 PEARL Pearl - Subtypes come from CREATURE
19 SHELL Shell - Subtypes come from CREATURE
20 LEATHER Leather - Subtypes come from CREATURE
21 ADAMANTINE Adamantine
22 SILK Silk - Subtypes come from CREATURE
23 PLANT Plant (thread, cloth, powder, alcohol, extract) - Subtypes come from MATGLOSS_PLANT
24 GLASS_GREEN Green glass
25 GLASS_CLEAR Clear glass
26 GLASS_CRYSTAL Crystal glass
27 SAND Sand
28 WATER Water (when hauled in buckets)
29 ZINC Zinc
30 TIN Tin
31 COAL Charcoal or coke (subtype unknown)
32 BRONZE Bronze
33 BRASS Brass
34 STEEL Steel
35 PIGIRON Pig iron
36 PLATINUM Platinum
37 ELECTRUM Electrum
38 POTASH Potash
39 ASH Ash
40 PEARLASH Pearlash
41 LYE Lye
42 RENDERED_FAT Tallow - Subtypes come from CREATURE
43 SOAP_ANIMAL Soap - Subtypes come from CREATURE
44 FAT Fat - Subtypes come from CREATURE
45 MUD Mud
46 VOMIT Vomit
47 BLOOD Blood
48 SLIME Green slime

For materials with no subtype, use NO_RACEGLOSS or NO_MATGLOSS; otherwise, use USE_RACEGLOSS to inherit the creature's material.