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This article is about an older version of DF.

Fortifications are arrow slits used in the defense of your fortress. They are probably most commonly used along the outside walls of your fortress so that marksdwarves and siege engines can fire at enemies from within your walls. Much like real world embrasures on battlements, their utility is limited if the enemy is close.

Fortifications allow ranged attacks (including siege weapons), fireballs/breath, water, magma, steam, etc. to pass through. Projectiles fired through fortifications have a chance of being blocked, depending on the distance the projectile has flown and the skill level used when firing it.

Building fortifications[edit]

Fortifications can be carved from stone walls. Once you have chosen the wall you want to carve, smooth the stone along its length using d -> s. After it has been smoothed, re-designate the same wall for fortifications using d -> a. Stone smoothing and fortification require a dwarf with the Engraver labor.

Damaged (i.e. partially mined) rock cannot be used for fortifications.

Uses and strategies[edit]

Fortifications are designed to allow your marksdwarves to make pincushions of your enemies without exposing themselves to the dangers of melee, and providing them with cover from return fire. It's helpful to make the room that the fortifications look out of a barracks or archery range, along with an ammo stockpile, to ensure that there are always military dwarves milling about at all times, ready to fire upon any attackers that threaten the fortress.

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