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This article is about an older version of DF.
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Statues are buildings which can be built from the build menu under statue. They can be made using one stone at the mason's workshop, one bag of sand at a glass furnace, or three bars of metal of the same type at a metalsmith's forge (using the metalsmith skill).

Statues have a base value of 25, compared to 10 for all other types of furniture. This makes them a good choice for raising the value of room — to create a legendary dining room, for instance, or to meet nobles' requirements for rooms of a certain value. The final value of a statue can vary greatly depending on its quality and material; a no-quality regular stone statue is worth only 25☼, whereas a masterpiece platinum statue is worth 12,000☼.

You can create a sculpture garden from a statue's query menu. Dwarves will spend time at a statue garden appreciating the statues (which generates a happy thought) and may even organize parties there. For the purposes of building appreciation, it is the overall value of the statue that is important: a base-quality platinum statue will generate a happier thought than a masterpiece stone one. Furthermore, the highest value a dwarf will perceive is 20000☼, so there is a point at which additional decorations will have no added effect.

Be careful when placing statues, because dwarves cannot move through the same square they occupy. (This will also prevent dwarves from smoothing or engraving the floor underneath a statue.) A poorly placed statue can potentially seal off parts of your fortress.

Due to a bug, dwarves frequently get stuck when placing statues, sometimes making it necessary to deconstruct and reconstruct it in order to free them - see well for more information.

Statues versus mechanisms[edit]

As an alternative to building statues to increase a room's value, you can use mechanism-based structures such as traps and levers, which have a base value of 30, versus 25 for statues. An additional advantage is that these structures, unlike statues, do not block the passage of dwarves. And levers are useful for, you know, controlling stuff. Be careful exactly what you control, though. You wouldn't want to go to the trouble of boosting up the value of the Duke's room just for him to be mesmerized by his diamond-encrusted masterwork lever, pull it, and blunder into some sort of unfortunate accident, now would you?

To build high-quality levers and traps, you will need to make high-quality mechanisms, which requires a mechanic instead of a mason. Since mechanisms can only be made of base-value gray stone (aside from those made by strange moods), however, the effectiveness of this method is limited.

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