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This article is about an older version of DF.

Glass is a material that items can be made of, like stone or wood. But although a material, "glass" as such does not appear in a pre-processed form like other materials can, such as wood logs or mined stones - the game only knows finished products made of glass, and also "raw glass", which functions like an uncut gem.

All glass items are manufactured at a glass furnace or magma glass furnace by a glassmaker. There are three sub-types of glass: Green, Clear and Crystal, each with different colour and value, but all with the same uses.

Green glass can be churned out in massive amounts if produced at a magma furnace, because there are no ingredients other than sand used and sand sources cannot be depleted. This makes it a valuable resource for construction; it is as valuable as dark and light stone (excluding obsidian), but can create a wider variety of final products, and some unique ones, such as gems and aquariums.

Making glass items[edit]

The raw material components of glass (depending on the sub-type of glass item you are making) are sand, pearlash and/or rough rock crystals mined from the mountain.

  • Green glass goods are manufactured from one bag of sand.
  • Clear glass uses both a bag of sand and one pearlash.
  • Crystal glass is manufactured from one rough rock crystal and one bar of pearlash - it uses no sand.

In order to produce glass, sand must first be gathered in bags using the Collect Sand task at any glass furnace. Sand will be gathered from the side of the cave river or the outdoor river (if your biome has one). Collecting sand requires the "item hauling" labor, whilst moving sand bags to stockpiles requires furniture hauling. You will need spare bags in order to collect sand. Note that although Collect Sand does not utilize the furnace itself, or the skills of a glassmaking dwarf, it will block any subsequent tasks at that furnace until it is finished. Therefore, when entering mass production, it is more efficient to have extra glass furnaces strictly set to Collect Sand while the main furnaces run true glassmaking jobs - since collecting sand is generally slower than producing a glass item, a ratio of at least 3:1 is recommended. The "Collect Sand" task consumes no fuel.

See also Glass industry.


Glass can be manufactured into a wide variety of products:

Glass items often have unique names:

Material value[edit]

  • Green glass has a value of 2.
  • Clear glass has a value of 5.
  • Crystal glass has a value of 10.

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