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This article is about an older version of DF.

Vermin are small creatures such as rats, bats, and lizards which are difficult to see, and also the type of fish which are caught by fisherdwarves. They are below 2 kg (4 lb) in size, much smaller than cats. The presence of vermin can be noted if you are particularly observant, as they will occasionally blink into and out of view on the screen. The main distinctions between vermin and creatures are that vermin:

  1. Do not attack and cannot be engaged in combat or trigger traps
  2. Do not usually provide meat, bones and other by-products of butchery. There seem to be some exceptions - creepy crawlers are somehow butchered for meat and organs.
  3. Do not breed, but "spawn", spontaneously appearing in their natural environment or biome
  4. Are sometimes "hateable", meaning dwarves can have an anti-preference which gives them a negative thought when they see the hated vermin

Vermin can be problematic as many types feed on stockpiles, thus making it more difficult to keep enough food and drink to survive. Vermin can be hunted by cats and peregrine falcons to reduce this problem, though the remains will still need to be removed. Cats and falcons can be pastured at the relevant stockpiles to further reduce the problem.

Vermin can, however be captured in animal traps, and can be tamed as pets.

Dwarves will eat vermin if no food source is available, resulting in an unhappy thought.

See the vermin category page for a list of vermin.

Hateable vermin[edit]

None of the vermin that are categorized as birds are hateable.

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