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v0.34:List of mods

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This article is about an older version of DF.

Community Mod List[edit]

Modest Mod[edit]

Current version: 2.1 for DF Version 0.34.11


Author: Igfig
Type: Modpack
Summary: The Modest Mod is a collection of vital bugfixes and tweaks that everyone should be able to use comfortably and without reservation. This mod doesn't add anything new. It doesn't do anything controversial. It's just like vanilla DF, but a little better. French vanilla.

See forum thread for the list of changes.

Support is provided for Phoebus, Ironhand and ASCII tilesets. (Be sure to install Modest Mod after the graphics pack.)

Download (ASCII-compatible)
Download (Phoebus-compatible)
Download (Ironhand-compatible)
Forum thread

Legends of Forlorn Realms (LFR)[edit]

Current version: 0.21a (Ironhand, ASCII) for DF Version 0.34.11
Legacy version: 0.15a for DF Version 0.31.25+

Author: narhiril
Type: Major
Forum: thread
Description: A major modification that aims to set itself apart from the other major expansion mods out there. Rather than simply adding every feature imaginable, LFR strives to follow a single author's consistent vision.

LFR includes dozens of new creatures (EVERY ONE with custom graphics), new metals and minerals, an obscene number of new weapons and armor types, and some very unique civilizations, each with their own distinctive flavor and style. LFR contains extensive lore files, an incredibly detailed manual to help you navigate the new features, and two multi-tiered, interlocking advancement trees to advance your civilization in the ways of technology and spirituality. Rife with new features to discover and a huge amount of hidden content, LFR is rewarding for both casual players and those looking for more of a challenge.

LFR offers support for both Ironhand and ASCII tilesets, and is fully compatible with Fortress Defense II, for those desiring even more chaos. Starting with version 0.20, LFR uses DFHack features (the distribution files include DFHack for Windows; installation on other platforms requires some manual steps).

Masterwork Dwarf Fortress (MDF)[edit]

Current version: v1.31 for DF Version 0.34.11


Author: Meph
Type: Modpack
Summary: A massive modpack containing the best of the greatest mods, as well as fully configurable settings, with +100 options, as well as a wealth of new content, including: +45 buildings, +850 creatures, +160 plants, +120 trees, +25 instruments, +85 toys, +85 food types, +75 weapons and armor, +75 engravings, +250 pref-strings, +30 civs, and more!

Masterwork provides texture pack support for Phoebus, Ironhand and ASCII tilesets, and has a fully integrated Fortress Defense II, as well as configurable creature settings.

Masterwork Mod Wiki
Bay12 sub-forum



Author: IT 000
Type: Total Conversion
Summary: A Total Conversion featuring hundreds of changes. Face hordes of Infected in a barren, and decimated world in an attempt to create a flourishing fort.
Forum Post:Corrosion

vilous Mod[edit]

Current version: [1] for DF Version 0.40.01


Author: Skie, Chronojiuj, Vellarain, Darklord92
Type: Major
Summary:The land of the beast men is on the march! Vilous comes alive in your dwarf fortress worlds! With four new races based on the Vilous novella by Trancy Mick. Set many years after the collapse of the Silvorain empire, the northern Sergals have become a slightly more docile race soon with this lasting peace the other races of Vilous took their time to expand and evolve from simple races into full civilizations. The southern Sergals no longer enslaved and oppressed by the Northerns escaped back to their deserts and began to rebuild it on a farming and trading culture based around religion. The Nevreans a technological race of avians far more advanced than most of the other creatures that inhabit Vilous, with firearms and stronger armor to make up for there physical downfalls ( armor soon to come ). The Talyxians a cat like race born for the trees agile and fast, and unlike the Elves they are happy with cutting down and using the forest, much to there Elf neighbors' dismay. Lastly the Agudners, an ancient race lost to a cataclysm, the last survivors cling to survival spreading out in what small numbers are left, not much is know about them or their technology.


  • sergal race
  • Nevrean race
  • Talyxian race
  • agundner race
  • 13 new weapons, including guns
  • 14 new armors cloths and hats
  • 1 new plant
  • 3 new workshops
  • 1 new megabeast

all of which come in packs that can be included or left out for different configurations of the mod.