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40d:List of mods

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This article is about an older version of DF.


Modbase is a great tool made by Sean Mirrsen which allows you to freely swap mods and tweak game settings. Get it now! For version 0.38c.

List of Mods[edit]

Angler Mod 2[edit]

Updated August 11, 2009

adds 35 new fish

Angler Mod 2 Download

Botany Mod 2[edit]

Adds 73 new plants, some indoor and lots outdoor

Botany Mod 2

Bronze Mod[edit]

Fixes the assumptions DF makes about the relative strengths of bronze and iron. Adds a couple of new alloys.


Chaos Reigns Mod[edit]

Chaos reigns is a major modification to Dwarf Fortress by Deathbane, and at the moment requires a clean install (modbase incompatible for some reason). It introduces new races, creatures, materials, and even a few plants and drinks. There's also somewhat of a difficulty ramp-up from vanilla, though not so much as many other mods promising the same.


Forum Post


(Note: A bit old, but plays fine)

Civilization Forge Mod[edit]

This is a major mod to Dwarf Fortress. It adds in new races, weapons, armor, animals, plants, stones, and metals. It also rebalances farming, makes the standard metals more realistic, and makes several tweaks to the Civ Ethics for the base creatures.

Full details and Download! Version v2.8

Join the discussion!

Wiki page

Dendrology Mod[edit]

Updated August 11, 2009

Adds 67 new trees.

Dendrology Mod Download

Dire Animals Mod[edit]

Bored with the current deadly animals?

This mod adds more dangerous versions of many existing creatures.

They can smell your fear.


Dwarf Fortress Dig Deeper Mod[edit]

Expands upon existing Dwarf Fortress game-play to deliver much, much, much more variance from the small things to the large things. Includes a slew of plausible and well researched new creatures, metals, plants, gems, wood and more.

Forum thread

Dwarmins Plant Mod[edit]

Adds eight imaginative new plant breeds that can be made into cloth and alcohol, to clothe all those naked dwarves you have.

Well you can't clothe them with alcohol.

Only clothes.

No matter how hard they dream...


Dwarvus Romanus: Rome Fortress[edit]

A full-scale DF conversion, changing it to a Roman-style fortress game. Many game aspects (civs, weapons, plants, etc.) are changed, see the readme for details.

This mod could formerly be downloaded here, but Wikispaces is now defunct.

Gnome Mod[edit]

Adds in a new breed of gnome as a playable civilization. The gnomes have a large assortment of unorthodox weapons, toys and traps. While peaceful, they have a tendency to wage genocidal war against elves.

Forum Post

Goblin Mod[edit]

Adds Goblins as a playable civilization, along with some goblin specific animals. (Including dwarven slaves).

But beware, Dwarves WILL siege you and elves will steal your babies 0:


Forum Post

It's The Small Things Mod[edit]

Adds a ton of flavour text to the game including:

- Over 100 new threats in adventurer mode. (The original only had one.) Download!

- Over 200 new engravings in fortress and adventurer. (They appear as symbols too.) Download!

- 5 new, non-repeating prefstrings (descriptive text) for each and every creature in the game. Download!

Get the whole set here: Download!

Forum thread here: Link!

Language Mod[edit]

Enhances the game's vocabulary.

Legendary Lands Mod[edit]

This mod adds a significant amount of difficulty and a bunch of new races. It also changes the balance of the game.

Forum thread

Martial Arts Mod[edit]

Intended as a mod to make different natural (unarmed) attacks for most creatures, this project evolved into more of a creature expansion. Adds several new megabeasts and controllable civs, some new weapons, and the martial arts themselves, too.

http://www.bay12games.com/cgi-local/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic&f=13&t=000260 v1.2 conforms to .38a standarts.

Mega Toy Mod[edit]

For a little spice adds almost 300 toys to DF. All reasonably within period so it wont throw off your game. Enjoy!-Berent

http://www.savefile.com/files/1246546 V 0.3

Contribute to the project(forum link) http://www.bay12games.com/cgi-local/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic&f=13&t=000052&p=1

Minerals Mod[edit]

Rebalances the placement of many minerals and gems in the game. Adds several new metals/alloys, and two more sources of coal. Also includes the Manual Stone Selection hack that turns all stone in the game into economic stone.


Morlark's Plant Mod[edit]

This mod aims to spice up farming a little bit by adding some new plants and tweaking the existing ones.

Plants can no longer be farmed during winter. Dyes can no longer be farmed, only gathered wild. Three new dye colours, four new farm crops, and one new rare herb.


Morlark's Simplicity Mod (Stones & Metals)[edit]

This mod aims to remove some of the more pointless or annoying aspects of stones and metals.

Unusual coloured stones can no longer be found in layers or large clusters, so if you get an alert for a non-economic stone, you might still want to set them aside for special projects. Layers in general are simplified by removing or condensing redundant layers, while still keeping enough variety.

Metals are simplified by removing pig iron from the steel-making process, and also removing bismuth. This also means that your nobles will no longer make demands for items of these useless intermediate metals.

I've also added a dummy reaction for bauxite, so that you can enable/disable bauxite usage from the stone screen.


Morlark's Simplicity Mod (Clothes, Armor & Weapons)[edit]

This mod aims to reduce the hassle of dealing with the hundreds of useless scraps of clothes that pile up after sieges. The number of different clothing slots is reduced, so no more socks, mittens, caps, cloaks, and who knows what else. Clothing choice in general has been reduced, to make things easier to find in the stocks screen. Armor coverage is still available for all slots. Some of the redundant weapon choices available to non-dwarven civs have been condensed.



Adds a bunch of dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures. Does not overwrite any DF files.

Version 0.05a

Forum post with more info

Primitive Civilizations Mod[edit]

This is a minor mod to Dwarf Fortress. It adds in new primitive beastman races. Populate your world with Lizardmen, Wolfmen, Goatmen, and more! Also includes two primitive weapons, the hand axe and club.

Full details and Download!

Samurai Fortress Mod[edit]

Play as a Japanese Samurai clan against Chinese, Koreans, Thais, invading Mongols and Ninjas.

With authentic weapons, monsters, items from mythical Japan.


Forum Post

Zoo Mod 3.5[edit]

Updated July 16, 2009

The Zoo Mod adds 84 diverse domestic and wild animals from the real world, with full graphics, to add a little more realism to your fortress.

Created by Chariot, you can find more details on his user page

The Wonderment Mod v1.0[edit]

Updated August, 2009

The Wonderment Mod makes changes to minerals, metals, and gems to focus on the partially medieval, partially fantasy setting that most of us feel is appropriate for dwarves.

Every single mineral, every single metal, and every single gem should have character; you should be able to feel that each one belongs in the game, that it adds to the experience. Painstakingly researched realism, abundant imagination, and careful adaptation to the inner workings of DF together will, I hope, let you delve more deeply, build more grandly ... and create more Wonderment!


Discussion thread

Basilisk Mod[edit]

Updated September, 2009

The Basilisk mod adds a new, nearly invincible megabeast into the game--basically, it is a land-going juggernaught that destroys anything in its path. The file is found on the Basilisk mod page.

It is currently being modified for even greater fun.

Deserted squad mod[edit]

Work began 9/26/09. This mod adds several dangerous monsters, new plants, megabeasts, improves on the standard game elements, minerals, etc., and makes it so that the rest of the dwarven world has left your dwarves for dead.

New Hats[edit]

Adds a few new items to be worn on the head.