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This article is about an older version of DF.

Books are a type of item. They cannot normally be created by players either in adventurer mode or fortress mode, but will be written during world generation by necromancers and various demonic rulers. While it is possible to create books using custom reactions and add pages to them, the pages will always be blank.

Books are currently found sitting on tables in the tower or keep of the entity that wrote them.

One must be a Reader of at least Novice skill in order to read a book. If a Necromancer visits your fortress he may bring books with him. Books with secrets in them are considered artifacts; they will appear on your fortress's Artifacts list and may be stored in stockpiles that allow artifact-quality finished goods.


Some books may contain "secrets of life and death", which when read by an adventurer will make him a necromancer, immune to death from age and able to raise zombies.

Books may be autobiographies, or about other historical characters or locations the author has had contact with. Books may also be commentaries on other books, or contain poems.