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This article is about an older version of DF.

In most real dwarven outposts the stone industry is the first industry that will be set up.

Stone can come from three places

1. Mining. Vast quantities of stone are produced when mining in stone layers.
2. Trade. Stone can be requested from the liaison.
3. Embark. Stone can be brought. This is a very good idea if embarking on an aquifer, as it may be difficult to obtain any stone to start with.

After your fortress has been dug out you will likely have more stone than you know what to do with. A good idea is to produce stone crafts for when the first dwarven caravan arrives. Crafts often produce light goods. The stone is also useful as it can produce most furniture. Finally, the stone can be used in constructions.

If you are lucky enough to have layers of flux stone in your fortress, any goods produced with them will be twice as valuable as other goods of default (non-flux stone) quality. Obsidian will enhance goods to triple value.

Stone cannot be used to produce beds, bins or barrels. However, large stone pots are functionally the same as barrels, and can be traded to the tree-fondling hippies Elves.