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This article is about an older version of DF.

Dwarves (gods, animals) can have relationships with each other. This can be viewed by looking at a dwarf's profile. Making and talking to friends gives happy thoughts while the death of a pet, friend, child or spouse gives unhappy ones.

Relationships are usually formed by spending time with another dwarf. Often, the strongest relationship are between dwarves from the same migrant wave, despite time spent with dwarves from other waves.

The following is a list of known relationships:


Spouses can have children with each other.

A lover is like a spouse, although the pair is not married and do not share beds. It is unknown if they produce children or not (or if that eventuality causes the marriage.) Dwarves seem to be monogamous both as married and non-married couples.

Sibling: if a married couple happens to have multiple children, the relationships between them will be marked as "Older/Younger Sister/Brother"

There are several additional special relationship listed for the king/queen and their consort. The dwarves listed in these relationships are not present in the fortress.

  • Uncle/Aunt
  • Cousin
  • Paternal & Maternal Grandparents


Social skills such as conversationalist, intimidator, pacifier, comedian, negotiator, flatterer, consoler, persuader, or judge of intent play no role in forming relationships. Dwarves with vastly different personalities (such as a confident, selfless person vs a nervous-but-arrogant one) will form grudges, while dwarves with similar personalities, preferences, and job skills will form friendships, or even become lovers.

It seems that if a pair of dwarves have a grudge against each other, they will not attend each other's parties.