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v0.31:How do I build a farm?

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This article is about an older version of DF.

The simple answer is that farm plots are an option on the building menu (b-p). Below is a step-by-step guide to building a farm.

Step One[edit]

Enable the grower skill for at least one dwarf.

Step Two[edit]

Select a suitable site for the farm plot. The farm should be on above ground soil, or below ground. Ideal sites are normally 3x3 or 5x5, but any rectangle of bare earth is suitable. If your site is on the surface or underground soil, skip to step four. If it is below ground, go to step three.

Step Three[edit]

Underground soil must be muddied before it can be farmed. There are many methods of irrigation available. The simplest requires a bucket and a source of water. Dig out a room above the farm site you have selected, and channel out a hole in the floor. Go to the activity zone menu (i) and designate the hole as a pit/pond. The zone will be designated a pit by default, P-f to change it to a pond.

Your dwarves will fill the bucket(s) with water, carry them over to the pond site, and dump them in, muddying the patch of soil below. When the whole site is muddy, turn off the pond zone to stop dumping, and proceed to step four.

Step Four[edit]

From the building menu, select a farm plot (b-p) and resize it to fit the site with umkh).

Step Five[edit]

Select which crops to plant there. Press q and move the cursor over the farm, and you will see a list of crops you can select to grow in the current season. You can change which season is displayed by pressing a,b,c, or d. Move the blue selector up and down with - and +, and press Enter to choose a crop to plant during that season (highlighted in white).

You must have the appropriate seeds to plant a crop there. To easily see how many of each seeds you have you can go to the Kitchen menu (z right Enter). Check the crops page for details on different seeds.

Instructing a plot to remain fallow z during a particular season will instruct dwarves not to plant in that plot during that season.

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